Health is our most precious gift as good health is necessary for a purposeful existence. Good health can be achieved only through our efforts and proper health education. Many top schools in Dubai have considered health education as an important part of the curriculum. Health education can be defined as the principle by which individuals and a group of people learn to behave in a healthy manner, create awareness in the community about the prevailing health problems and building students’ knowledge and positive attitude about health. It motivates children to maintain and improve their health, prevent diseases and reduce risky behavior.

Here are some of the reasons why health education is important in schools-

1. Health education should not be taken lightly-

Health Education stresses about the teaching of health information and vital skills necessary to adopt, practice and maintain health. Health programs include not only physical activity and proper nutrition: but it can include subjects like stress management, drug use, and sexual conduct. Studies have found that promoting health education to younger minds is very useful for their growth and development as it can reduce the risky behavior of the students. The goal of teaching health education in schools is to create a positive attitude towards well being.

2. Improve your health practices with health knowledge-

Improving health practices among students can be tricky but there are several way-outs. We can include teaching health education in their curriculum; promote a healthy balanced diet and physical activity in the classroom. Schools can create an environment that supports physical activity by employing policies and practices. Providing students with learning opportunities that promote a healthy diet and regular physical activity is also important for students to learn and practice their behaviors.

3. Why should I care about health education-

Health education builds students knowledge, skills, and positive attitude about health. It teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health by preventing diseases and reduce risky behaviors. Health education curricula and instruction help students learn skills they will use to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime. Effective curricula result in positive changes in behavior that lower student risks around.

4. Increase Knowledge with Educational Technology-

Knowledge is power and with the help of technology, we can gain knowledge as much as we need to empower our self. We can promote health education with the help of technology which can gain more and more interest in students. We can aware students via different types of motivational videos that inspire a healthy and peaceful life. Online information is easily accessible and it becomes easy for students to gain knowledge about healthy food, Preventions, and cure for a healthy life.

5. Role of Health Education in Schools:-

A lot of Health challenges that occur later in life are caused by a lack of information on healthy living by both parents and students. Children are too young to learn about their health and well being, in fact, it is the right time for them to acquire such knowledge. The role of health education is to strengthen public health factors. The purpose of providing Health education is to help individuals make better choices about their health. It gives us information about the cause of various common diseases, how they spread and protection from these diseases. It imparts knowledge about personal and environmental hygiene.

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