As soon as the internet became common among the masses, the world started witnessing a revolution. Let that be the communication aspect of it or the e-commerce. As soon it started operating on mobile phones, the world saw a massive change. If you to a teenager about online shopping, you won’t be able to convince him on the fact that there was no online shopping happening in the world before a few decades. Similarly, you might have seen that a lot of old age people still restrict themselves from shopping online. That is because they are not very much connected to technology and today’s trend.

Well talking of online shopping, the world saw a lot of giants coming into the business and setting a benchmark for others to follow. Ever since this business started, a lot of companies and startups came to light and a lot of them made their fortune out of the business. Today we’ll be talking about one such startup which is quite famous in UAE. We’ll be talking about

An online platform that sells almost everything for everyone. From electronics to clothes to accessories to everything. They have made online shopping easy and convenient. They are operating in UAE and have made a name in the market.

The world was going in the right direction till 2020 and arrived and with that arrived a nightmare, a nightmare for every business as well as every individual. I am talking about Covid-19. It turned every plan, every aspiration upside down. While the Covid-19 pandemic decelerated the global economic growth, initiating financial and social plight that added to the earnest dangers to public health, the downtrend brought the economy into sharp focus. To supersede in business today, you need to be supple and have good planning and organizational skills. So is with it is not only appropriate in times of pandemic but very most desirable for shopaholics. This vital sector expanded to meet the growing demand for e-commerce. It considered the ways and sustainability that came together to solve Earth’s biggest mess. Through this trusted shopping platform has become the award-winning e-commerce challenge the way we think about the global economy should rise.

Within a few years, would hold one of the biggest initial public offerings in e-commerce acquisitions and draw $2 billion capitalizations over Amazon. is undoubtedly an enormous success. It has added large numbers of new attributes and interfaces accustoming, uplifted registration restrictions, set in motion some of the world’s most successful mobile apps and it had major rearrangement in its executives with proper training and expertise learning.  Some considerable features that made successful online shopping are its uncomplicated use as Middle East’s homegrown online marketplace, constant up-gradation, safe buying options and worldwide network dispersal. The top-selling products and popular goods were purchased online in UAE in 2018. As per the sources, the most popular type of goods purchased online by shoppers was software with 40 per cent, followed by electronics with 29 per cent, 17 per cent clothing and 14 per cent fashion accessories.

Everything we mentioned above didn’t happen by itself nor did it happen in a day. It took them their enormous dedication, strategic approach, steadfastness and positivity to reach the spot they are at today. Every business unit is started with an aim to touch the skies but what makes that happen is having a clear vision of what needs to be done and at what time. That happened with They didn’t let their focus drift from their core values and principles and what happened after that is evident to all of us. They are standing on the top – focused and passionate. If you are thinking of starting a business of this genre or any other genre, you must keep them as your idols for they have proved that it doesn’t matter what comes in your way, if you stay focused and dedicated to your goals, you can achieve anything you want. As a businessperson, you must always have faith in your idea and trust in your abilities that you can execute it the way you wanted it to happen. This is the only way one can reach where he/she has intended to reach. 

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