Pedal courts are becoming quite a hit all over the globe, particularly in Dubai where you can find several venues where you can enjoy this exciting sport. Padel tennis draws its inspiration from racquetball, squash, and regular tennis. Just like tennis, this game is played on a small court which is enclosed by walls just like in squash.

The rules of this game are also very similar to tennis except that in this sport walls also come into play. Padel courts have become a very popular phenomenon in Dubai and that is why you can find several courts with experienced coaches, high-end equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities here.

So, if you are looking for a way to spend fun time with your friends or you want to up your padel tennis game, you need to visit the top pedal courts in Dubai.

Here are some of the most famous padel courts that you can visit in Dubai today to experience the real thrill of padel

  • Padel Kingdom
  • Padel Pro
  • Real Racquet Academy
  • The Alley
  • Central Pedal Dubai
  • Emirates Gold Club
  • Mina Rashid
  • PadelX Floating Padel
  • World Padel Academy
  • Padel Point

Top 10 Pedal Courts in Dubai

Pedal Courts in Dubai
The Padel Kingdom is heaven for pedal tennis lovers who wish to become better and compete in tournaments
  1. Padel Kingdom

The Padel Kingdom is a heaven for pedal tennis lovers who wish to become better and compete in tournaments. Situated in Al Quoz this pedal court has everything you need from sports gear to expert coaches. There are classes for ladies and kids as well. You can book a lesson with the professionals at Padel Kingdom and soon become able to compete in local pedal tennis tournaments.

  1. Padel Pro

Padel Pro has three different locations in Dubai each of which is equipped with every Padel Tennis-related accessory and high-end courts. With Padel Pro, you can get lessons and then pair up with other players who are at a similar level as you and engage in friendly games. And for the real test of your ability as a pedal tennis player, you can also take part in tournaments organized by Pedal Pro.

  1. Real Racquet Academy

This pedal court is based in Emirates Golf Club and it also has a pedal club in Las Vegas. This pedal court is the best place for both beginners as well as seasoned players. With Real Racquet Academy you can become better at your game and then compete with other players of your level to see real-time improvement.

  1. The Alley

The feature that sets this pedal court apart is its retro-futuristic vibe. This glow-in-the-dark pedal turns even a simple game into an eye-catching experience. You can either choose to play in the illuminated court with a special net and balls or you can go for a more traditional playing experience with regular lighting in The Alley.

Central Pedal Dubai
With seven fully furnished courts to improve your pedal skills
  1. Central Pedal Dubai

With seven fully furnished courts to improve your pedal skills and an amazing group of skilled coaches this pedal court can help you realize your dream of becoming the best pedal tennis player.

No matter whether you are a beginner, a female player, or a kid, you can come to this court and become a skilled pedal tennis player under the training and supervision of the best coaches in Dubai.  

  1. Emirates Golf Club

You can book a court in Emirates Golf Club to enjoy 90-minute sessions with your friends and family. You can also go for the Pedal and Pool offer and enjoy the pool of the Golf club after a tiring game of padel. 

Emirates Golf Club
You can book a court in Emirates Golf Club to enjoy 90-minute sessions with your friends and family
  1. Mina Rashid

This padel court has about 10 indoor and outdoor courts in total. It allows you to play your favourite sport in every kind of weather. You can book a 45-minute session at this court for a very affordable price and hone your skills as a pro pedal player.

  1. PadelX Floating Padel

This unique pedal court is situated next to Cluster I at Jumeirah Lake Towers. Its specialty is that it is built on a lake where you get to enjoy this novel sport to the fullest.

You can book either one or both of these premium courts and enjoy the game of pedal in this exciting setting. PadelX stands out for its customer service and the quality of Padel tennis gear and tools that it offers to every visitor.

  1. World Padel Academy

As the name suggests, this padel court gives you an academy where you can train under skilled professionals. You can also hire personal padel coaches to prepare yourself for the tournaments.

This academy offers customized training programs based on the age and skill level of the players which generates fast results. They can help you build a strong base and that can pave your way towards becoming a skilled pedal player with unmatched skills.   

  1. Padel Point

This pedal court comes with fully air-conditioned indoors and a Pedal bar where you can try out their very own fruit and protein shakes. After going through an intense training session and working up a great deal of sweat you can get the much-needed energy boost from the pedal bar of this court and get ready for the next round of pedal tennis at once. 


Padel tennis has emerged as a rapidly growing sport in recent years and if you are in Dubai you need to get a taste of it. It packs the fun of tennis and squash in one place where you get to channel your energy while having fun at the same time.

Dubai’s padel courts contain state-of-the-art tools and the best trainers to help you learn the ins and outs of this sport. You can also benefit from other health and fitness services provided by these pedal courts to keep your mind and body healthy and agile.

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