Are you still stuck with the traditional methods of marketing and promoting your business via business cards and brochures? If the answer is yes then you need to change your strategy and explore a new marketing channel which is Digital Signages.

Before, diving in to know the benefits of Digital Signages, let us learn what digital signage is:

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to electronic signage that is used to communicate information to customers or in-store visitors. It displays videos and graphics to educate, entertain, and inform nearby customers using an LCD, LED, projection screen, or projector screen.

Digital signage can be used in a multitude of customer touchpoints and has a wide range of applications. Digital signage can be customized to suit the needs of a business.

How will it help your business?

Digital signage is one of the most flexible forms of publicity. It virtually guarantees that your message will reach its intended audience.

Businesses can use the same digital interface to influence customer behavior. They can create eye-catching displays or showcase brands and services.

This will eventually drive sales and increase profit margins.

Businesses find digital signage a valuable tool because it communicates important messages, in-store specials, promotions, or advertising directly to customers at critical moments- while they consider making a purchase.

Displaying information about promotions, impulse purchases, and other specials will increase revenue.

Signages also can assist you to stand out from others. Your business will be the talk of the city with interesting signages. It’s a great way to market your business and get noticed.

It increases sales opportunities and helps you win new customers.

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After discussing the benefits of the signages, let us talk about the 10 types of signages that your business might need.

We’ll be discussing the various types of signage that you will need and the reasons why they are so important.

In addition, we will share our tips on how to make the best business signages. So let’s get going. 

Here are the 10 Types of Signages That Are Valuable for Your Business:

1. Pylon Signage:

You may have seen a pole with a logo on it while you were walking or driving.

We’ve all seen it at least once. These signages are called pylon signage.

These signs are tall and sturdy and can be supported by a pole or a large post. It can also be used to display a logo, tagline, illustration, or other messages. 

It makes it easy for people to find your business and come visit you.

This signage will inform people about your business, and encourage them to visit you when they need the products or services that you offer.

2. Sidewalk Signage:

Sidewalk signages, also known as A-frame signages are some of the most portable business signages you can find.

This signage’s best feature is its ability to be picked up and placed anywhere you like, inside or outside your business. It can be placed right outside or slightly further away.

You can place special announcements or new additions on the visible side of your signage.

3. Informational Signage:

Informational Signages are essential for big stores such as departmental stores or malls. Informational signage can also be called directional, organizational, wayfinding, and departmental signage.

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These signages are installed to assist customers in finding the right sections of the store, as the name suggests.

These make it easy for people to find their way around and get to the places they desire. 

You can find instructions signages that point you to the exit, emergency exit, washrooms, and pantry.

These signages are usually concise and easy to read, so people can see them even when they move. The best informational signages are those with large fonts and highly visible color schemes.

4. Window and Floor Graphics:

This umbrella term covers a variety of business signages.

All the stickers and decals that you see on store windows and floors are called window and floor graphics.

These graphics can be used inside or outside your business, and include anything from a logo of your brand to promotional offers, discounts, and promotions.

Glass walls make it easy to attract new and existing customers. It is difficult to overlook the attractive design and colors. When placed in a store, floor graphics can also be used as instructional signages.

These floor graphics are easy to design and can be customized in a variety of ways. You can change these signages as needed and place new ones.

5. Wall Signage:

Wall Signages are the first type of business signage you should consider.

These signages can be mounted inside or outside your business or office.

Wall signages can be made with a lot of creativity. These signages come in many sizes and shapes.

These signages can also be illuminated from the inside, from the back, or by shining lights on them. 

Signages are customizable and can be personalized to reflect your business message and graphics.

These signages can be customized to convey the message and essence of your business. Wall signages can be used to promote new products and services, your brand ambassador, or just your name.

6. Roll-up Banners:

Roll-up banners and standee banners are other options for portable business signage that is both cost-effective and highly useful.

These signages are very cost-effective because they can be used for up to five years. You can simply replace the inserts or banners when you have an announcement or new offer. The standee’s frame remains the same.

These business signages can be moved anywhere you want. You can place almost any advertisement or information on these banners due to their ample space. Roll-up banners can be used to announce new offers or outline key business features.

7. Vehicle Graphics:

Vehicle graphic signages are a great way to market and advertise your brand even if you’re not near your business. This is like making your vehicle or any other vehicle a billboard advertising your brand.

You can switch to vehicle graphics which are easily visible by traffic. Ads on buses, trains and private cars are common. 

You simply need to buy the spots you want on the vehicle, create the graphics in the right sizes, and stick them onto the vehicle.

The vehicle will carry your brand name and other messages wherever it goes.

8. Storefront Signage:

Your storefront signage can often be the first thing potential customers see about your business. That’s why it is important to make a good first impression.

Effective storefront signage will let customers know the name of your business and allow them to understand what you offer.

If the business name does not clearly describe what type of business it is, you may be able to include images or logos.

9. Interior Signage:

There are many interior signages options that you can choose from for your business. Interior Signages can be used to decorate your business, add color and let customers know who you are.

Adding interior signages to coordinate with your exterior signage can be a great way of building brand recognition.

10. Awnings:

Custom Awnings can add dimension to a flat wall, making your business facade more appealing and attractive to passers-by.

These can be customized to match your existing storefront signage or to add a marketing element to promote your brand


You can increase your space by installing commercial umbrellas. You can also use the area underneath the awning to provide additional seating for your cafe or restaurant during warmer months.

They can provide additional seating for you and your guests, as well as protection from the sun, rain, snow, which can help build customer loyalty.

These business signages are very successful if they are placed correctly. It is easy to research for the right company and design these business signages through professionals with perfection.

This will allow you to promote your brand or offer. As a customer touch-point, digital signage offers many additional benefits.

You can use it to act as an extra salesperson, customer service representative, or as a way to entertain customers while they wait.

It can help increase brand awareness and communicate product information to customers in industries such as retail, hospitality, finance, and healthcare.

Signages are also a great marketing tool. This keeps customers updated and informed about your business. It’s easy for customers to access the information whenever they need it.

It’s a win/win situation that saves both time and money. Businesses of any industry have an excellent choice with digital signage.

Digital signage can not only increase sales but can also attract attention, increase impulse buys, and improve social engagement.

The best part is that you can easily update your content whenever necessary.

Featured Image: Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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