While the world was under stress for the past couple of years due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, something good has finally happened and everyone is rejoicing the same.

If you are from Dubai or living there, you must have gotten an idea of what I am talking about. 

Yes, the grand Expo- 2020 came a little late but came as a perfect remedy to take the stress off our shoulders. Everything about the Expo is amazing right from the versatility to the stuff. Since it is happening in Dubai, it is obvious that it’ll be breathtaking just like the place it is taking place – Dubai.

Dubai is already known for its elite lifestyle and events like these add to its grace and uniqueness.

Talking about the Expo, there are hundreds of things you would not want to miss out on, however, there are a few things and pavilions you must not miss and should be known about. In this blog I’ll tell you about the top six pavilions you must know about at Expo 2020 -Dubai. Below is the list.

1. Japan Pavilion :

Having origami-inspired architecture, Japan Pavilion is something I’d recommend you to visit at first. With a minimalistic look, this pavilion has a zeal of its own. Let go of what’s there in the pavilion to please you, the behavior and the politeness of the staff are what is making it the best choice for all.

The way they have given importance to each and every tiny detail is what makes it my first choice and the worthy one. If you happen to visit and are very short of time, this is the pavilion you should not miss.

2. UAE Pavilion:

Now when the UAE is hosting the event, they are surely going to make it look grand and mighty. Standing among one of the top pavilions, the UAE pavilion is a glimpse of how beautiful and versatile the UAE is. The animations showing the Dubai culture are a must-watch in the pavilion.

They have made sure that it amazes you just like the hosting city does. The pavilion is designed as falcon wings that can be opened and closed within 3 minutes. If you are lucky enough you can be watching a movie too.

3. Republic of South Korea Pavilion:

Are you a Squid Game lover? If yes, then this pavilion is a treat for you. Believe it or not, this is going to take you exactly there. Once you go inside you’ll feel as if you are a part of the show. They have prepared it in such a beautiful way that it makes it very hard to resist.

It is based in the Mobility district and you’ll find almost 1500 colorful spinning cubes illuminating at night. The interactive exhibition inside takes you through the beautifully designed narrow corridors/balconies and ends at a vertical cinema.  Yes, a vertical cinema, where you can watch the movies while resting on a giant pillow.

4. United Kingdom Pavilion:

This is one of the most beautiful pavilions worth watching. Since it belongs to the place of the royals, there should be no doubt in the pavilion being so fantastic. Above all, what is worth watching is the presentation idea.

While watching the face of the building, you’ll find LED illuminated blocks of words that actually are an AI-generated poem. Isn’t it an amazing presentation? What is even touching here is that these poems are sent to space using artificial intelligence so that they reach the other inhabited planets.

It is not just beautiful but thought-provoking how they have made us understand the importance of algorithms. You’ll find it as a mashup of technology and humanity. You must visit this pavilion if you are going there.

5. Russia Pavilion:

This is something you definitely should not and cannot ignore. This is a multicolored, dome-shaped pavilion which makes it highly attractive and worth visiting. If a visitor is to be believed, the architect himself revealed that the two hemispheres forming the building actually personify planet Russia.

Not just this, what makes it even more lovable and worth admiring is that one dome sits inside the other which is a representation of traditional Russian Matryoshka.

Overall, this is a must-watch pavilion as it looks very sparkling and dynamic. It also makes you have a feeling of development and progress. Don’t skip this pavilion if you are planning to visit.

Although every country has tried to give their best in order to make their pavilions look beautiful and attractive, these were some of the pavilions that we would suggest you visit. Wherever you go, make sure that you pay good attention to each and everything making your trip worthy.

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