The air conditioner is prone to having issues during summers because of the number of hours it keeps running. Most of the homeowners in Dubai either tend to overlook or fail to notice the signs of problems with their air conditioning units. Even before there is a complete system breakdown, the AC sends some signals indicating that it is in a very bad state and needs AC Services in Dubai immediately!

While we can’t completely remove the possibility of Air Conditioner facing some issues but adopting a proactive role and catching on warning signs soon enough may help to some great extent. This will help us to prevent the complete AC system breakdown and having the need to replace it completely and, hence, save our money.

Here we have a compiled a list of 7 warning signs that your Air Conditioner shows indicating it needs to be repaired immediately.

1. Blowing warm air

Air conditioners are not supposed to blow warm air in summers. But when it does, there ought to be some serious issue with it. Even after your Air Conditioner’s thermostat is set to the correct level, it may still blow air which isn’t cool enough.

There are various issues which can cause this problem with your AC. Either the compressor may be broken or there is a refrigerant leak. Nevertheless, you should always seek help from a professional to get your AC inspected.

Diagnosing a problem early on is better than having to replace your AC altogether later.

2. Strange sounds

We like AC being quiet, calm, and providing us a peaceful environment. While it is perfectly normal to hear the sound of the motor but if you are hearing grinding, squealing, grating, and other loud noises from your AC unit then there’s probably something wrong with it.

Most of the times, there is damage inside the air conditioning unit that causes sounds like these. And the scale of the damage depends on the nature of the sound.

We recommend you do not ignore this issue and get help from a professional agency which can provide you with AC services in Dubai.

3. Water around AC system

Having water around the air conditioning system is not a good sign at all. This can either be caused by a refrigerant leak or broken/blocked condensate drain line.

This issue doesn’t immediately affect the performance of the AC but it does have negative consequences on it in a long run. Hence, it is better to get it fixed as soon as possible.

4. Short Cycle

If your AC is going through short cycles, i.e. repeatedly turning on and off after every couple of minutes, then your AC is facing a highly severe problem. There are various reasons that can cause this issue. There can be a problem with electrical lines or internal system of the AC.

This quickens the rate at which AC wears down. It also deteriorates the system’s ability to cool the home effectively. In general, this is the most dangerous issue an air conditioner can face. If you notice this problem, get help from a professional immediately.

5. Low air flow

Over time, debris often gets stuck in AC vents causing a little or weak air flow. If you notice low air flow through vents then your AC requires repairing services. Low air flow can also be caused by some issue with the ducts.

This can be fixed by cleaning the ducts and vents and should be done only by a trained professional expert at providing ac service in Dubai.

6. Unnecessary moisture

Having moisture around your AC system is another warning sign you should not ignore. This issue negatively affects your health also as moisture is the ideal place where mold growth happens. Exposure to the mold leads to respiratory and breathing issues.

Moisture around the system can be caused by blockage of the drain tube. However, it can also be caused by the refrigerant leak. In either case, get your AC repaired without any further delay.

7. High humidity

If you notice humid air inside your room then it is a perfect indication that your AC is not working properly at all. Because part of AC’s job is to pull the humidity from the air inside the room.

This is one of the earliest signs that your AC can show to indicate it is in a bad state and needs urgent AC repair in Dubai. It is better not to ignore this sign and pay the necessary attention to the problem to get it fixed.

Sometimes noticing a problem early on can go a long way in helping us. It can help us prevent large-scale breakdowns and, thus, can help us save our money. These were the signs that you could catch on early to check if your AC is in a good state or not and whether it needs the attention of a professional.

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