While the world was under lockdown due to the deadly Covid-19 last year, we missed out on a number of world events that were scheduled to take place in 2020.

Let that be the cricket world cup or some other huge events. As far as the trade fairs go, we missed the huge and the most awaited Expo 2020 which was scheduled for October 2020 – April 2021.

Now that the world is limping back to normalcy, we got the much-needed good news about the Expo which will now take place in October this year.

This event has never failed to amaze us with its out-of-the-box ideas, settings, and themes. Right from its start in London back in 1851 where it was called “The Great Exhibition” to the year 2017 in Kazakhstan, it has come a long way with its utmost consistency of amazing the visitors.

Like every edition of the Expo, this year’s edition also has a different yet useful theme which is “Connecting minds, creating the future” The idea is to showcase a glimpse of the future. Dubai has been home to such events. People have already witnessed many grand events in Dubai.

These Dubai grand events have gained worldwide popularity like anything. In this blog, we’ll try to list some of the events in the Dubai Expo 2020 which you must join.

Multinational Cultural Performances:

You might wonder why the author chose to start with this particular event, the reason for the same is the diversity that is scheduled for this category in the Dubai Expo 2020.

Unlike any other fest where you see the cultural performances of a couple of nations, this grand Dubai event is going to witness the performances from a number of nations and genres like Malaysia, Africa, Uganda, Morocco, Balakama, Ballet, Christian, Arab and Sephardic music, etc respectively. This is surely going to be a never-to-miss experience.

My butterfly Kites Flying:

This kind of category isn’t very much seen in the great events in Dubai. Taking place in the Expo 2020 Dubai, this is surely going to be the center of attraction for many kite-loving people.

This activity will take place every last weekend of each month during Expo 2020 Dubai and will have a capacity of up to 50 participants who can be a part of this beautiful event.

Climate Change Conversations on Global Sustainable Infrastructure:

A very informative and useful session that you should not miss if you care about the tomorrow of the human race. While a lot of efforts are being made to make our planet a safe and a better place to live, these kinds of events are much needed for us to get an insight into the latest developments in the area.

This particular session will throw light on the challenges being currently faced by our planet. This forum will have global experts, speakers, and panelists who’ll speak on the subject and exchange ideas on how to create sustainable infrastructures to have a healthy tomorrow for generations to come.

Robot Radius:

If your children are too much into robotics and artificial intelligence, then here is a treat for you. Bring your kids here and give them something they’ll cherish forever.

Expo 2020 Dubai will premier an amazing pantomime based on the famous 1920s sci-fi play ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’ by Czech writer Karel Čapek. This is the same play that introduced the word and idea of ‘robots’ to society. This will be a great learning experience for your kids and family. Don’t miss it out.

Diverse Pavilions:

Apart from all the other fascinating events that are a part of the expo, it also has a number of pavilions that’ll amaze you with their respective architecture, culture, and innovations.

Different pavilions will be set for different categories and each category will have its own zeal and class intact. The design and the decor will take you to a different world altogether.

This is happening for the first time in the history of the World Expo that every participating country is having its own pavilion. This has been done so that we enjoy diverse cultural experiences and discover what makes each country unique and different.

Some of the other pavilions are Partner Pavilions, Organization Pavilions, Special Pavilions, etc.

Expo 2020 Dubai is going to be way more astonishing than one can ever imagine. The events listed above are just a few of the many interesting and amazing events from some different categories.

However, the expo is going to last for six long months which should be enough for you to get an idea about how marvelous the expo is going to be. If you are in the UAE and haven’t booked your tickets yet, do it now!

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