Top 10 Trusted Interior Design Companies In Dubai, UAE

They say home is where our heart belongs, love resides, and memories are molded. So what makes a home more alluring to the eyes of the beholder is its architecture and interior design. Here in this blog, we will list top 10 interior design companies in Dubai

Nowadays people have become more zealous and aware about their lifestyle. A pleasing and attractive interior is now the need for houses, industries, and brands.

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So if you are looking for the best interior designer Companies in Dubai? Well, you can stop here because we’ve made a selection especially for you!

 Here is the list of best interior design companies in Dubai which you might want to look at:

1. TaskMasters

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Taskmasters is one of the best and top interior design companies in Dubai. With more than 6 years of experience in the field of interior design, it specializes in home renovation and carpentry services. Services like kitchen renovation, living room renovation, bedroom renovation and more, are provided by them. With the experience of successfully handling more than 250 projects, they have made a name for themselves in the field of interior design.

2. Muse Interior Design

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Among the best top 10 interior design companies in Dubai is Muse Interior Design. They are one of the most active companies in the field of residential and commercial interior design. It is an interior design company that specializes in the fashioning of luxury villas. Managing projects like Palm Jumeirah Modern Villa and the Taj Rezidence describes their passion for modern architecture.

3.  4Space Interior Design

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Another household name in the field of interior design is 4Space Interior Design. With more than 15 years of experience and led by a multi-talented team of professionals, this company strives to meet the needs of its customers. They have received quite a lot of awards in this field such as Commercial Interior Design Power 50, Top 20 most successful boutique interior design firm in the Middle East in 2019, and many more, which shows how good they are in the field of interior design.

4. Artizan Interior Design

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If we are discussing the best top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, then how can we forget to mention Artizan Interior Design. With multiple awards in its bag, they specialize in residential as well as commercial interior design. With professional engineers, designers, and architects working for them, they have catered to the needs of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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5.Belhasa Interiors

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Belhasa Interiors is one the leading and top interior design companies in Dubai, Formed in 2001, they have made a great reputation for themselves in this field. It provides solutions for residential as well as commercial interiors. Their work showcases the quality and excellence invested in every project. With the experience of successfully designing and executing more than 200 projects, they have carved a name for themselves.

6. Sneha Divias Atelier

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Another of the best interior design companies in Dubai is Sneha Divias Atelier. It is a boutique interior designing studio that specializes in commercial, hospitality, and residential projects. Started by a young architect, this firm believes in quality over quantity, making them one of the most trustworthy firms in Dubai.

7. Zen Interiors

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Zen Interiors is a multiple award-winning firm based in Dubai. It offers a variety of services like bespoke interior design, furniture solutions, and home staging. At Zen Interiors, they are passionate about superior products and professional services and aim to deliver perfect results – each time, and for every client.

8. Cherwell

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Cherwell is one of the leading bespoke interiors specialists based in Dubai. Cherwell was established in 2014 with an aim to deliver exceptional quality furniture. They create unique spaces for both residential and commercial clients. This firm offers a variety of services like handmade kitchens, dressing rooms, internal joinery, soft furnishing, and many more.

9. Falcon Interior Decoration

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Falcon Interior Decoration a well-known architectural firm is also among the best interior design and fit-out contracting companies in Dubai with a remarkable reputation for delivering state-of-the-art, quality, and extraordinary designs and services across all interior design and fit-out solutions such as commercial, hospitality, residential and joinery. This in one of the top 10 best interior design companies in Dubai.

10. Anarchitect

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In our list of the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, there is also the award-winning Anarchitect founded by Jonathan Ashmore which specializes in delivering bespoke projects for design-driven private and corporate clients globally. With more than 7 years of experience in this field and satisfying the needs of clients, they have sculpted a name for themselves.

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