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Ever imagined a world without video games, social interaction, celebrations, or outings? Yes, there are words for it. Dull. Mundane. Insipid. Additionally, as life is filtered out of these fun activities, humans can hardly think about evolving or discovering anything that’s out there. That’s because the nature of human beings revolves around two things-socialization and change.

Allow these pivotal forces to exist, and a human being can thrive and leave remarkable imprints for others to pursue. In its absence, a dead-end is imminent, and growth can not be anticipated. Hence for us humans to evolve and become more efficient than our predecessors, we must pursue dynamics when it comes to the paths we take and also allow our social circles to grow. 

Holds for any institution of the world. Right from the schools to our workspaces, we crave and therefore must be implanted around things and people that keep us focussed and allow us to develop and progress simultaneously.

Right from the schools, we are subjected to periods of recess, quality playtime, and outings at least once a year. Such reservations aim to maintain a timetable and imply the same on the young minds. Secondly, they are implanted in the curriculum to allow recovery and pupils’ overall development as they engage in learning and growing up.

So if these yesterday’s kids become the grown-ups of today and engage themselves in varying workspaces, why should they suddenly be made to fit in a deadlock of stress and social unavailability? Yes, growing up embarks responsibilities and a comparatively lesser time to slander. But that justifies no excuse to stop enjoying life or even worse not being remotely accessible to anything that could alleviate your stress levels.

Not all workplaces or bosses understand this simple analogy. Therefore, we see people around us succumbing to or being overwhelmed by the pressures of life and meeting their office deadlines.

Other times, it points to their working conditions, incomes, and the fact that they cannot share their worries with anyone due to their irregular working hours hence culminating in an inefficient system; creating an employee who succumbs to the social and work-related pressures. Some workspaces maintain a shady image before their employees, their only perks being their lavish salaries at the cost of your peace of mind and absence of any social skill.

As greedy as an employee may try to act here, he’d always have an uneasy state of mind, a sense of distrust and at the end, the process would create an insincere employee. This is terrible news for the society that we are becoming and therefore demands immediate attention. 

On the contrary, a workplace that regards employees as humans addresses their basic requirement, which is socialization, and promotes programs that would keep them abreast with their excellent health and wellness is attracting a genuine hype. It has an immediate reaction to it. A study conducted by Psychologist Shawn Achor showed that happy employees ushered a 31% rise in productivity than those dissatisfied. The state of a human mind has a direct relation with the task being undertaken by him. Greater the ease, better the results.

Now let’s round up those social and wellness activities that affect the overall performance of the employees:

1. A decent period of recess

2. Cafes, Refreshment Centres

3. Indoor games, recreational centres

4. Conduction of development Workshops, seminars, and counselling sessions

5. Office Gatherings, Informal meets 

6. Outdoor activities like tours, camps, and picnics

7. Festivals, Ceremonies, and celebrations

8. Grievance Cell and Feedback forms

9. Retirement plans, Monthly pensions, and other insurance

1. A decent period of recess: 

It is mandatory to rest in between work to recuperate for the next task in line. Besides, breaks boost focus and increase mental clarity. During break time, or even while working, instead of using a medium to share files or convey face-to-face messages, opting to walk yourself will allow you time to stretch out. Walking also increases your circulation from a comparatively stagnant state, again proven to improve your creativity by almost 60%

2. Cafes, Refreshment Centres:  

Provide a change in the environment besides rejuvenating your energy levels. You can chill, alleviate your hunger or even have a light talk with your mates or people around to brush off any stress. Besides, having a cafe or a food zone within the office premises saves your employees’ time instead of traversing miles to access any food center.

3. Indoor games, recreational centres:

Sometimes just stretching out is enough to recover from any work-related stress while saving the day from any unproductive output. These include the pools, gyms, or the mere greenery of the garden maintained.

4. Conduction of development Workshops, seminars, and counseling sessions

For the employees overall development while helping them excel in corporate and day-to-day life. As their personality improves, so does their work efficiency.

5. Office Gatherings, Informal meets

For any organization are essential for the seamless interaction between the employees and for them to get to know each other. This exercise later reflects in seamless working during office hours when employees have to blend and teamwork.

6. Outdoor activities like tours, camps, and picnics:

Help the management explore their employees’ other valuable traits besides giving them additional reasons to continue working with them, literally. The more you are concerned about your team’s well-being, equal dedication will result from them.

7. Festivals, Ceremonies, and celebrations:

To cherish are other reasons that the management can be pursued to earn the goodwill and inclinations of their employees for better outputs and overall impression in the community. 

8. Grievance Cell and Feedback forms:

Assume a timeless essence at any organization. One that addresses without bias is a valuable tool that guarantees your employees’ well-being without resorting to any violence and is, therefore, a definite pick for any organization that strives to retain its essence.

9. Retirement plans, Monthly pensions, and other insurances:

Speak volumes about how much the management cares about its employees. Besides, to have such an assurance of being looked after in sickness and after retirement is a boost enough to nurture peaceful employees and, in turn, a stable office working.

How does it reflect on the company?

Well, it reflects very well. Congratulations, you have now pecked everyone’s interest, and you are the talk of the town. Perhaps you can worry less about your competitors now. Hence you already feel your market is worth rising. 

Now, hiring becomes easy, as the best talent is lured to you and those people who are willing to work dedicatedly in a healthy environment. Hence the quality of your staff improves.

Social Activity

Besides, you are building a team of reliable, loyal, and efficient members that will in turn yield quality results in terms of your company’s productivity.

An organization that values the employees’ well-being says a lot about its character and its impeccable management. They, in turn, build the broad-minded forces who become the bosses of tomorrow.

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