Nothing kills fun as fine does, especially when you are on a road trip with your squad. However, fun is not the only thing that gets affected but your driving record which otherwise is perfect gets tainted. But unfortunately, even a perfect driver can slip the rules unintentionally thus landing into the trouble.

In Dubai, it is not only fine that get incurred but black points are also added for every traffic violation made. In some cases where there is an extreme violation of laws, the driving license can also get cancelled.

In order to avoid the traffic fine in Dubai and let you be on a safer side, we have made a little guide discussing the various traffic violations and the penalties.

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The first rule to follow while driving is having your eyes on the road.  So in order to avoid getting pulled out by traffic police in Dubai is not to use your mobile phone while driving. Any violations can lead to a fine up to AED 1000, twelve black points and the risk of seizure of your vehicle for a month. In addition to this, eating, drinking, wearing sunglasses at night or even applying makeup while driving contests a traffic fine in Dubai.


Running away after making a traffic violation can cost you about AED 800 if you are driving a light vehicle and AED 1000 for heavy vehicles. Aside from the fine black points are also added to the account – 12 for light vehicles, 16 for heavy vehicles. Penalties also include 30 days of vehicle retention by authorities. So never run away from traffic police.


In order to keep you and family safe, you must never drive under the influence of alcohol. As such thing results in impaired driving which can lead to dangerous accidents on road.

The violators can even face jail term as a penalty in this case. As per the judgment of the court, an offender has to pay a fine of up to AED 20000 or jail term.

Besides this 23 black points are also added to their accounts and 60 days of retention of the vehicle by the authorities.

To continue the impaired driving topic one more related offence can land you in jail according to the latest Dubai traffic rules and that is driving under the influence of drugs. In such case, the driving license is suspended for 1 year in addition to fine, vehicle seizure and black points.

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Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80km/ h can lead to fines up to AED 3000, 23 black points and 60days of vehicle retention by the traffic authorities in Dubai.


Crossing lines have its own repercussions whether on the road or off the road. Deviating from lane suddenly can lead to dangerous road accidents and is therefore considered illegal. The offence can result in jail time, fine of AED 1000 and 4 black points against your license.

The ways to avoid traffic fines in Dubai is to be aware of the rules. The lack of awareness about the traffic rules in Dubai is the main cause of committing traffic violations which eventually lead to fines and penalties. The tough time is faced by tourists and new expats who usually rent a car in Dubai to explore various places.

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