Dubai the capital city of the UAE has been thronged by visitors from different parts of the world.

They not only bring their unique culture to Dubai but sometimes Bad habits as well and prominent among them is reckless driving which is found among the Emiratis as well.

The government of UAE has taken different initiatives to avoid the possibility of a mishap on roads. The RTA department cracked on many rent a car dealer in Dubai who were involved in the mess & issued new guidelines to authorized rent a car dealers in Dubai

According to the Gulf News report, all the current accidents are being caused by the young drivers that are between the ages of 18 to 30.

In January 2018, the Crown Prince of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum laid down new traffic regulation, so that every resident will feel safe on the roads of Dubai.

So, if you are ever caught while doing these activities by Roads & transport authority. You are going to lose your driving license.


Seat belt is Safety

Driving without the seatbelt can land you in trouble. Putting a seat belt seems a minor task but this increases your chances of survival up by 80% during a crash.

The Road & authority department in UAE has set strict guidelines for drivers & imposes a heavy fine against offenders.

The government in UAE has increased the vigil on implementation of this safety. To increase the overall safety, it is advised all passenger should were a seat belt.

Cars without Number Plate

 Driving a numberless car on the Roads of Dubai can leave you with empty pockets. In UAE, you cannot drive a car without a number plate as same can be used for different criminal activities. Whosoever is involved: Be it a driver or a big rent a car company in Dubaiyou have to pay for the crime.

A fine of DH 2000 will be imposed on driver or company and confiscation of car for at least 3 months

Drunk Driving

 Drunk driving is considered a crime in entire the world and UAE is no different. The country has set strict rules for drunk driving which can lead to imprisonment and Confiscation the vehicle up to 2 months.

The Court is the sole authority which imposes heavy fines and decides on the length of imprisonment.

Gulf News has enlisted all the details about the penalties for drunk driving in Dubai.

Stop at the Red Light

Don’t jump the red light, even if no police party is around to watch you. In UAE special cameras are installed on the traffic lights which send the data of the violators to RTA dept. for action.

A fine of minimum 5000 AED will be imposed, if a person driving the car doesn’t stop at the red light.

Further the penalty will be doubled, if your action has caused an injury to another person.

For a safe and secure drive read FAQ’S about driving a rented car in Dubai.

Rash Driving

 You are left without any excuse, if found breaking the traffic rules in Dubai as all the guidelines are clearly displayed on roads.

If you are new to Dubai, you should drive your car within the speed limit of 40km/h to 80km/h only.

The RTA dept. has been keeping a strong vigil on traffic violators by taking the help of technology like speed camera, Intelligent Adaption system(ISA) to limit the violation.

Don’t run after causing an accident

Accidents don’t call for plan .They are sudden and can be disastrous for the parties involved.

If a person has been hit by your car in Dubai, you should take him to the nearby hospital.

Running away from the spot will land you in serious trouble. A penalty will be imposed on the driver of the car whether he is driving a rented car or his own car.

Your car will be seized for 60 days and rest process will be settled by the court in UAE.


Dangerous Overtake

As the rent a car market in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman is growing rapidly, so are the ills associated with it. Among them that is causing significant problems to the citizens is deadly overtake by cars & vans.

Dangerous overtake is considered as a crime in UAE & any culprits caught in the act have to pay a fine of 1000 AED & suspension of license for at least 4 months.

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