Life is so unpredictable, no of us were prepared for the global pandemic. It sounds like a dream to go out, buy stuff, pray together, go to work or school. Everything looks blurry, ambiguity, threat, and isolation have gripped us all. Amidst all this chaos, the holy month of Ramadan is here, when we needed it the most

It is the most awaited month for the entire Muslim Community. This month is dedicated to praying, fasting, and supplication. However, in the wake of the current situation, Ramadan may look different. 

Pre-Pandemic Ramadan situation

During this month, people try to bring the best out of themselves. They fast from sunrise to sunset, read Quran, make sure to pray on time in mosques, and give zakat. Most restaurants are closed during the day and open after Iftar. Stores are decorated with themed and traditional decorations. People host and attend iftar parties and later pray together. All in all, this month is about good deeds and strengthening the bond with the creator. 

But this year, with lockdowns and curfews Muslims may have to bend their traditions to keep up with the present situation. The mosques are shut, streets are deserted, markets are empty, shops have no stocks left. Muslims would usually stock up with dates, delicacies, and fruits for big hefty iftar but this year, people around the world are facing difficulties to make their ends meet. 

So, how to celebrate Ramadan amidst Coronavirus? How to make the most of this holy month while in lockdown?

We have summed up a few tips to help you celebrate this Ramadan despite it all.

Let’s begin!

1. Build longer tables.

One of the most essential pillars of Islam is to give Zakat. It is a charitable donation given to the people in need. Make sure you don’t ignore the less fortunate while you are cooking your meals. Not everyone can afford to pay for their meals in this time of crisis. Feed the poor, donate clothes, start fundraisers. This month is all about extending a helping hand. Do the best you can, maybe a simple act of charity is helping someone sleep with a full stomach at night.

2. Restrain from huge gatherings.

An essential tradition that will be impacted due to coronavirus is the evening Tarawih Prayers. Each year Muslims gather for this optional prayer, Tarawih, along with the other five mandatory prayers. Now, given the social distancing imposed to contain the virus, it is essential to refrain from going to the mosques. Not just that, it is time to skip those iftar and sehri parties. No gatherings, no meetings- it is better to stay safe at your home.

3. Be kind.

It is obligatory to be kind irrespective of your faith, situation, or belief. And the present circumstances call for being extra kind! Just take a look around yourself, people are dying, many are in pain; struggling to breathe. Many are stranded and away from their loved ones- so be kind to everyone. And not only humans but animals also deserve kindness.

Try to Feed the stray animals daily. 

4. Save up for bad weather.

Saving for bad times does not mean you will go and shop like fools. Buy only as much as you need. But at the same time, try to limit your needs. After all, Ramadan is all about controlling your Nafs. And it makes perfect sense keeping in mind the current situation. You don’t need piles of toilet paper, tonnes of sanitizers. So, stop hoarding on stuff you don’t need.

5. Pray.

We have literally run out of excuses for delaying our prayers. We all know, we are not going anywhere, and let’s face it-work can wait but prayers can’t. So, try to read as much Quran as you can, it will give you mental peace. And one essential thing, stop overwatching the news. Switch off the television, say goodbye to phone for some time, and connect with your creator, trust me- our soul needs it.

6. Make use of technology.

Now that we are stuck in our homes and can’t meet our friends and family, how about face-timing them? That won’t hurt, isn’t it? Call your parents, check on your friends, call your grandparents more often. You can organize online iftar parties- the idea is to stay in touch.

7. Take good care of yourself.

Islam is a practical religion and it has been made easy upon us. People who are unwell, or can’t fast have the liberty to skip fasting. How merciful is our creator! So, if you are not in sorts to fast, you don’t have to. But, if you are healthy enough then it is time to gear up for Ramadan. Don’t forget to drink enough water, stay clean, eat healthily, and keep your mental health in check. 

Let’s not forget, we are in this together. So, stay strong and make the most of this Ramadan. And stay tuned with us for more updates.

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