Want to make money while enjoying the comfort of your homes? Yes, it is possible through an online platform.

While you are busy doing your 9 to 6 jobs, you can also use some side skill of yours to make money online which is nowadays possible through various channels. Even school going kids nowadays make money from various gaming platforms.

Not just this, many people have been rendered jobless due to these unusual times. Some people have been affected in ways that can’t be explained. The pandemic has left them hopeless as it had a severe downfall not only on their physical health but mental health also.

Not only is the case with jobs but businesses have seen a decline due to the prevailing crisis. 

There are many online business opportunities available that can give a financial boost to all the people who need it. Some people can opt for online money making, not just they want some financial assistance, but it can be an escape from your boring lives, exploring new avenues to develop the overall personality.

Women who are homemakers and busy with kids and kitchen all the time can also take up this life changing opportunity using some skill of theirs. They can even use the daily life chores they do and become great influencers, start their own food channels, create vlogs, reviews etc.

Studies show that in the previous 3 years, around 40% of the income from around 65% of the people is from online sources.

There are some amazing brand new ideas of online money making which are as follows:

1) Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the most useful ways of making money online. Affiliate Marketing is the act where affiliates promote the products and services of the brand they work for. So for every sale of a product, they get to earn some commission in return.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you get to affiliate for almost any brand even the high-end ones like Amazon, Flipcart etc. 

The commission you get in the initial days might be small but with time the earning doubles with an increasing customer base

2) Influencer Marketing:

influencer marketing

This is one of the online making avenues that has not seen a decline and continues to grow stronger and popular each day.

Did you know Ronaldo as a celebrity influencer earns nearly $980000 for every sponsored Instagram post? Yes, you heard it right. It is all because of his fame and the followers he has.

The low scale influencers also make a comparably higher amount than they did in the past. To start as an influencer, you need to build a healthy following on strong social media channels like YouTube and Instagram.

As an influencer, money can be made by charging for sponsored posts, online mentoring, providing affiliate links in your bio, selling ads on your podcast and more.

3) Start a blog:

Blogging is one of the efficient and oldest ways of making money online. People who are great writers can take up this opportunity with a niche focus.

You can start blogging on platforms like WordPress to Shopify. Focus on some specific keywords while writing a blog and put it under relevant categories. Make sure that your content is fresh and well-structured to maintain the loyalty and trust of your readers.

You can make money by adding affiliate links to your blog posts. Another way is to sell physical or digital products on the website. This is a great way to build authority and you can even land some big contracts from clients.

4) Freelancing:

One of the most effective ways of making money. If you are someone who has skills like content creator, teacher, developer, graphic designer, digital marketer, then these are perfect for finding online clients who are willing to pay.

There are several freelancing websites wherein you can apply for freelance jobs under specific categories.

Besides using freelancing as a side income, you can depend on it as this is also the highest paying avenue in today’s time that you can opt for.

5) Starting a YouTube Channel:

money making through youtube

 You can also start your own YouTube Channel featuring videos either related to product reviews, travel stories, food etc. The best way is to focus on one particular niche so you can generate for yourself a loyal audience.

The highest-paid YouTuber is a 7-year-old Ryan, who reviews toys on his channel; he nearly made $22 million in 2018.

More the views on your videos, the merrier it is. Once you’ve reached the 1000 subscriber milestone, you can officially monetize your channel with YouTube ads.

6) Online Courses:

online courses

If you are an expert on a particular subject and have the teaching ability, then this could be a great way to make money online. Creating an online course of your expertise and monetizing it by selling your course on various platforms like Udemy. If you have a wide audience base, you can also start your own website.

The platform that you choose to sell your course on determines the amount that you will be receiving for it. As already discussed, Udemy can help you earn loads as that is a trusted website.

7) Become a twitch streamer:

Twitch streaming is becoming popular. It started as a gaming platform, but it has exponentially grown to include other types of content.

To make money on Twitch, you need to grow your following and consistency can help you build an audience fast. You can also engage in selling products, brand sponsorships, fan donations, subscriptions etc. to monetize your Twitch account.

8) Investing in stocks:

investing in stocks

If you have knowledge of stocks and are great at picking stocks, then this could be a really good option for you. While this could be a good option but can also turn into a disaster for the ones who lack skill in this field. 

Investing in trustworthy companies that are currently in a boom can be beneficial for you as well.

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