Dubai is a landscape of possibilities and dreams! Be it fashion, structures, trends, or technology, Dubai is never behind.

This Bling city has a reputation to go big and has emerged as one of the most tech-savvy places in the world. From robotics, solar plants, to autonomous taxis, Dubai has been a step ahead of the curve every year and 2020 is going to be no different.

Once referred to as a sleepy Gulf port, Dubai has now come up as the most amazing city on the globe. Want to know the new technologies that will be coming in 2020 in this city of gold?

 Then, keep scrolling!

1. Dubai is rolling out 5G this year!

Yes, That’s right! With the streaming speed of 10 Gigabits per second, 5G speed is gonna boom up the internet 100 times faster than 4G. More speed means faster work and better performance! You can comprehend how faster the business process is going to be!

The Internet will be on wheels for developing countries, however, consumers will not be able to experience the technology to its fullest till proper infrastructure is put in place.

However, the UAE and Saudi seem to adapt faster to this new addition. In fact, the UAE is the world’s fourth-largest market of 5G networks in 2020. 

2. Edge Computing is on The Go!

Though edge computing did not make a louder buzz in the market, it definitely is going to be an overwhelming technological addition in 2020. Many companies have already started using IOT’s and cloud computing arrangements in their business. It is believed more companies will replace their conventional data structure with cloud infrastructure.

This add-on is going to take care of all content gathering, data handling for an organization. Edge technology will be integrated into various projects in the UAE such as stadiums, airports, and ease the load of expo 2020. Isn’t that great?

AI brain image

3. AI is the future!

2020 is all about progress, ease, and a better user experience! Artificial intelligence has already crawled into our lives and spoiling us already! In 2020, AI is going to be bigger and better. As per the predictions of IDC, by 2024 most luxury hotels will be AI integrated. Isn’t that cool? 

UAE has adopted AI since the previous year. In 2020, the government plans to incorporate this technology in offices, hotels, and transactions to enhance efficiency and performance.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence is all set up to open in the UAE this year. UAE is ahead of time, truly!

Virtual Reality Image

4. Virtual Reality is a New Reality!

Till now we have experienced virtual reality in games and movies. But there is more to it. The healthcare options are going to revolutionize in Dubai with the introduction of virtual reality in the sector.

The integration of virtual reality with metrics captured by monitoring equipment, wearables, home-monitored equipment, and virtual connections with doctors and physicians will transform the experience altogether.

Imagine the ease it would provide to the patients and doctors! 

This technology is going to be a relieving experience for people suffering from chronic disorders who need constant care and monitoring.

Combining virtual reality with artificial intelligence, the Dubai Future Council for Health and Wellbeing is planning to introduce smart solutions in the healthcare department.

5. Gaming Like Never Before!

All the gamers out there, you are going to have the best gaming experience in 2020! Ever heard of cloud gaming? With cloud gaming, you can play your favorite games anytime and anywhere.

You will experience high-end gaming even when you are away from home on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Professional gamers, as well as consumers, will be enthralled with the introduction of cloud gaming.

Now you can enjoy the top-notch gaming hardware without paying a high price for it. 

People around the world are crazy about gaming and Dubai is nowhere behind. Etisalat launched the first cloud gaming service in the UAE in 2020 to promote e-gaming and push non-gamers to be a part of it as well.

Automation Image - XpDubai

6. Automation Will Ace Up!

Automation has been on the scene for a few years now. But, this year automation will make up essence and advance to a new level.

From conveying pizza in self-operating vehicles to bundling juice boxes, automation is leveling up and ease life in every sphere.

7. Facial Recognition 

Your face will turn into a new accomplice this year. iPhone X introduced the concept of face recognition to unlock the phone or use various applications. This technology will be used extensively this year. In 2020, you may be able to withdraw money from ATMs using just your face.

All the technologies we are experiencing today were more of a dream 10 years back! Technology has grown immensely. Are you all excited about these new technologies coming this year? We are waiting for your comments!

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