Top Ten Pest Control Companies in Dubai

Pests are the biggest problem at domestic and industrial places. The presence of these may cause infestation as the climate of Dubai is hot & humid, resulting in their increased growth. That is why it is important to hire professionals to eradicate pest problem. There are numerous companies but it is important to choose the right company. Here are top 10 pest control companies in Dubai

  1. National Pest Control: National Pest Control is one of the oldest Pest Control companies in Dubai which provides the best solutions to solve pest issues be it small or big. The company services provided are maintained by the combination of safe, modern, and effective control techniques. The services provided are rat control, bird control, fly control, etc.
  2. Rentokil: Rentokil is another pest control company that provides preventive pest control services to remove pests from homes and buildings. The services are provided to eliminate all pests which are responsible for many diseases and are not safe for the environment. The chemicals used are very effective and safe.
  3. Golden Falcon Pest Control: Golden Falcon Pest Control is Dubai based pest control company that provides services to terminate pests responsible for many diseases. The services provided are for all residential, commercial flats, buildings, hospitals, etc. Golden Falcon makes use of preventive and control methods to remove pests that may come from garbage, drainage, etc. The techniques used are not harmful to humans like children and pets as they are carried out by trained professionals.
  4. Lulu Pest Control Service Dubai: Lulu pest control is another company that we consider among the top 10 pest control companies in Dubai. Lulu Pest Control Service provides solutions to eliminate pests from domestic, commercial, and industrial establishments. The company has expertise in extermination and eradication of all pests which are harmful to the environment as the best techniques and chemicals are used for pest control.
  5. Pro Shield Pest Control Services: Pro Shield Pest Control Services provides services to eradicate pests from both residential and commercial areas. The company uses organic and green pesticides which are safe in sensitive areas like bedrooms, kitchens, etc.
  6. Al Madeena Pest Control Services: Al Madeena Pest Control Services provides pest control services to eliminate pests from domestic and commercial areas. The types of equipment used for pest control are of great quality so that all pests are removed to ensure the safety of people.
  7. Paramount Pest Control Services: Paramount Pest Control Services helps to provide services for both residential and commercial buildings. The techniques and chemicals used to exterminate pests are of great quality to prevent diseases like diarrhea, fever, etc.
  8. Unimar Pest Control Service: Unimar Pest Control Service is a pest control company in Dubai that provides quality services for domestic, commercial, and industrial areas. The techniques used are eco-friendly and make sure all pests are eradicated which are harmful to the environment are.
  9. Akkad Pest Control Service: Akkad Pest Control is a pest control service that provides solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. The methods used to eradicate pests are of great quality. The techniques used are safe for humans.
  10. Polyclean Vital Solutions: Polyclean Vital Solutions is a pest control company in Dubai that provides quality solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial areas. The chemicals used to eradicate pests are odorless and are of great quality. These chemicals are safe your family.

You should be careful while choosing the company for pest control as many use pesticides which are harmful for humans especially children, pregnant woman etc. Those harmful pesticides can make utensils and many products unsuitable for usage. So, it is better to avoid these problems by taking a moment to figure out the best pest control company in Dubai. Good Luck.


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