Here’s what you should be careful about when in Dubai.

We all know Dubai as a fast-growing nation that has shown tremendous transformation in the last couple of decades. It is hard to believe that a once fishing village can make it to the topmost cities of the world.

From the infrastructure to the opportunities, it has gone way ahead of what one could have ever thought. But there are still few things that make Dubai different from any other growing western nation. You’ll see a list containing the number of things which you can’t do while in Dubai.

So, if you have already arrived in Dubai or are planning to travel, here are some of the things you must not do or else you can find yourself in trouble. Some of you might find some of the things strange but as they say,

” When in Rome, do as the Romans Do”.

Sharing some points with you in this blog so that you don’t find yourself in an awkward situation.

1. No Photography Without Permission: 

Dubai is an extremely well-built place. You may find a perfect frame for your next Facebook profile picture everywhere you go but you must be very careful while clicking the pictures.

Safety and modesty are of the utmost importance in Dubai. You should always ask for permission before photographing someone especially if there are women and children in the frame. You can however ask for permission first and then click as many photographs as you want.

2. No Display of Affection in Public: 

As I said, Dubai is modern but within certain limits. When I say this, I mean that even if you are out with your spouse, you can’t make any kind of love in public. This doesn’t necessarily mean intimacy or nudity but a friendly gesture as small as hugging as well. Yes, you heard it right! You can’t hug or kiss a person of the opposite gender in a public place, not even your spouse.

3. No Dancing In Public: 

Dance is surely a dance form but not when you are performing it in a public space in Dubai. It is considered a provocative act here. Make sure that you dance only in the allowed spaces such as licensed clubs etc or you can always dance in your private accommodation. The rules in Dubai are very strict when it comes to what they consider unethical or vulgar to some extent. So when in Dubai, always try to check if a certain activity is allowed in public or not.

4. No Living Together In a Hotel If You’re Unmarried: 

While the world has turned advanced and started normalizing live-in relationships, Dubai is still finding it unethical and an act of vulgarity. So, if you are planning to move or travel here, just keep in mind that you can’t stay in a hotel with a person of the opposite gender even if you are ‘just friends’ Try taking this seriously or else you’ll land yourself in massive trouble.

5. No Eating in Public During The Month of Ramadan: 

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. The people of this faith observe fasting for the whole month. If you happen to be in Dubai in the pious month of Ramadan, make sure that you don’t eat in public. This is considered disrespectful and is not allowed.

You can’t have snacks or anything even in the car. Better to visit a restaurant that is serving Ramadan as there must be an arrangement for dining. However, there is relaxation for pregnant women and children. They can eat if they want but it better is to not have it in front of someone who is fasting.

6. No Use of Foul Language: 

Doesn’t matter how cool you think you’ll look by using the cuss words in public, but if you are in Dubai don’t dare to use any such word, gesture, or sentence as you can possibly find yourself behind bars. Dubai is very particular about maintaining decency and dignity, particularly in public places. You can’t use foul language even if you are in an argument with anyone. You must respect and maintain the decorum of the place.

7. No Drinking In Public: 

After going through the above-mentioned points, you must have gotten an idea about the strict rules in Dubai when it comes to being in a public place. You won’t be much surprised to know that you can’t drink in public or stay drunk.

If you had planned to post a picture on your Instagram while holding a can of beer standing in front of Burj Khalifa, I am sorry to say that this is not going to happen. You can choose some other country and monument for that picture. It is totally prohibited to drink in public in Dubai.

These were some of the points I thought I should be sharing with you so that you get an idea of how to stay safe in Dubai. There are many other things that one can do while being in Dubai including adventure sports, shopping, sightseeing, etc but you need to be extremely careful when going for something which you think is normal but isn’t.

Hence, before you do any activity which isn’t mentioned in this blog, you should check with the local administration if that’s allowed or not. Wishing you a happy stay in Dubai!

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