What if you were given chance to live the most fascinating and admired fantasy books of all time, 1001 Nights or Arabian Nights? A narrative of folklore of Magic, Quest and wonder, once heard from the lips of Queen Scheherazade, coming to reality through Art, Performance and Technology, A live entertainment event in UAE. Even though Many movies, cartoons, comics have already being made from stories of 1001 nights like Aladdin, Sinbad, Ali Baba and 40 thieves. 1001 nights, The Last chapter however will be 1st of its kind as the world will be astonished by some live action acrobats, theater performances all in synchronization accompanied by a live orchestra comprising of 51 musicians from the globe, performed in acoustically beautiful Al Majaz Amphitheater in Sharjah (UAE).

It’s not a matter of fantasy anymore. Sharjah is all geared up for a sensational ride into the world of 1001 nights (Alif Laila).  As UNESCO and world is celebrating Sharjah being honored as “World Book Capital 2019”, with the statistics of 650 books published and propagated. The yearlong celebrations are kick started by a grandeur event, “1001 – Nights, the last chapter”. Best way to mark such a marvel is by recreating the chapters of a book recognized and accepted by the whole literal world as a bench mark of fantasy and narrative writing. The thrilling struggles and voyages of heroes of Arabian recital will be put together for a show for the audience who want to feel the rush of fantasy through live performing arts.

A quick recapitulation of what 1001 nights are, it’s a compilation of stories and narratives of Queen Scheherazade which she used to read to her husband King Shehryar, a revengeful king who used to kill his own wives after marrying them. He had become angry and agitated after the betrayal of his first wife. The stories were actually the means that kept an intellectual storyteller Queen Scheherazade alive and the interest of king intact as she always finished the story mid way every night after creating a thought for king to ponder upon the whole day. After a period of 1001 nights the King cherished and loved Scheherazade as a beloved and spared her life. Then they lived happily ever after as the book says.

1001 Nights – The Last Chapter is here now, starting from 23rd April. The stage is all set on 1030 Sqm Stage, with 537 professional performers from 25 countries practicing continuously over a period of 240 days more than 500 hours of triumph and perfection working tirelessly day and night, to put up a splendid display of color, music and movements as per the recital demands. Performers will be showcasing 13 different types of performances.  The performances will be simultaneously presented to audience in 3 different languages, Arabic, English and French via headphones. A spectacle treats of audio, visual and graphical expertise all together. The event will change the course of reading fantasy to viewing the lore in a live environment. The event posts and circulars are roaming around on social networking sites with a poetic touch, for the people interested in literature and books, “One last trance, one last dance, one last time, one last rhyme. And a few more lines, beyond the last verse”. Beautiful rendering of a whole new concept of performing arts put in artistic way. ⠀

1001 Nights The Last Chapter is an Al Majaz Amphitheatre production, developed by Multiple International in partnership with 7 Fingers and Artists In Motion and celebrates the grand opening of ‘1001 Nights: The Last Chapter’, is poised to be the grand opening act for the official inauguration of the World Book Capital 2019 celebrations in Sharjah, on April 23, which will pave the way for a yearlong celebration of the prestigious UNESCO title Sharjah won in recognition of its cultural achievements.

The performance is inspired by some of the most important chapters of human literature written in this part of the world. With the show, Sharjah will be crossing a significant cultural milestone and reinforce its commitment to human development through a grand celebration of the arts – a vision inspired by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. And I suggest if you had a choice and opportunity to visit this very celebration of reading, imagination and reality, do visit Al Majaz Amphitheater Sharjah.

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