A sneak- peek into what’s in the bag for us!

While the world has seen immense development as far as technology goes, we have made our minds to experience anything unbelievable in the future.

This comes from the fact that there have been so many advancements in the field. Let that be electronics, healthcare, or the automobile sector.

The technologies that we see today were unimaginable for us a few years back and what’ll come in the future can’t be predicted from here.

Let’s talk about the fuel that is used to run a vehicle. From coal to electricity it has come a long way. Who knows what science has in its bag for tomorrow.

Imagining the future of automobiles will definitely take flight from what we are seeing today. The choices we have today in cars are insanely diverse. We have gotten every type of car; Tesla has become the fastest growing network of cars and the world’s most valuable car brand.

Tesla’s innovation not only changed the future of cars but made Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world. The look and the feel of cars today have somehow forced us to think about what they will be like in the future.

Cars have become an incredible part of our lives, imagining how they will look and flourish in the future leaves one more amazed. One of the studies carried by “The Conversation” talks about how cars will change in the coming decade than they have in the last decades.

The world is progressing rapidly, so our choices, in such circumstances, the widespread automation have enlarged its connectivity and have increased the connection between a car and society.

The automobile industry at an alarming rate is manufacturing cars, and this pace is too fast to be slowed down. The features that new cars are experimented with are seemingly incomprehensible.

One remained baffled by the kind of innovation these cars exhibit. According to this study, the names today cars are given are likely to change, any brand can replace anyone.

This world of automobile marketing is bizarre and turns around anyone’s fortune. In the future cars are tending to be more flexible and their interiors will be a revelation.

Volvo’s recent 360 concept car is believed to envisage a multi-functional space that can transform into a lounge, an office, or even a bedroom.

Many cars are believed to be fitted with augmented reality systems, which will superimpose computer-generated visualization on windscreens or any display area in the car to inform passengers about the car’s mechanism.

Drivers will be able to communicate with their cars through gestures and speech commandments.  In the near future, the sun visors will be a thing of the past, a new kind of smart glass will allow them to control the amount of light entering just by a click.

The driver of the car can control the amount of sunlight he/she wants in the car. In the pursuit of innovation, Mercedes Benz Vision Urbanetic demonstrates a radical new look with a touch of modular vehicles that can exchange bodies to either move cargo or people.

With internet connectivity, cars will move around us and communicate with the world outside. In the future cars will be designed in such a way that they will recognize and communicate with road maps, markings, cameras, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

Cars will be in such a position that they will synchronize their mobility, movements, minimizing fuel usage and improving traffic flow. Future might be away for now but the creation and innovation of these cars aren’t. Time is progressing fast, so is technology.

The technology that these cars possess are still imaginable. How about if one had to think of the cars that can fly? Yes! You can call that your personal mini charter plane.

If some news reports are to be believed, we’ll be having flying cars available in the market just in a couple of years from now. In fact, a flying car was actually tested earlier this year.

A news report says “AirCar, a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle, completed a historic 35-minute flight between two international airports in Slovakia on June 28. Its creator, Professor Stefan Klein, said in a release that the car-aircraft can fly about 1,000 km at a height of 8,200 ft and had already clocked up to 40 hours in the air” This means we are soon going to get rid of the traffic jams and the delays.

Since this is altogether a new thing for us all, it’ll be exciting to know about on what criteria will one be allowed to drive or I should say ‘fly’ these cars.

The world is all set to witness the underground cars as well, just like we have the metro railways in all the developed and developing nations. Elon Musk, the automobile giant gave the first look of his underground cars some years back. Let’s see when we’ll be able to drive one.

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