Dubai is a tourist’s most desired destination one that never ceases to impress visitors with its larger and more impressive man-made marvels such as World Island, the Burj Khalifa or World Island as well as beautiful beaches and stunning desert.

One of the most impressive shopping centres worldwide, with breathtaking sights, exciting activities, and lively nightlife, you cannot be bored in this second-largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. But that’s not all! The city that is famous for its world records and most famous for breaking records of its own is the home of the world’s highest skyscraper, the longest painted painting of all time, the most extensive ever vertical maze biggest puzzle jigsaw, the biggest map of firework displays in the globe and the list goes on.

Dubai is an intriguing multi-cultural city that is worth more than just simply a visit. This travel guide for Dubai will assist you in making maximum enjoyment of your trip and will show you how you can make the most of your money. Before you go to the city that loves to smash its own records, we want to remind you about why the Dubai travel guide is important & what you should keep in mind when planning your trip are crucial and we’ve listed the tips below to help you.

Below are the points to help you consider why Hiring a Travel Guide in Dubai is important:

1.   Travel Experience with Travel Guide:

Maybe you’ve never thought of but the best way to experience and discover Dubai is through a private travel guide. Nobody knows a destination more than someone who’s lived in the area for their entire life. Locals Dubai travel guides will offer the details and provide their local knowledge to them, giving you unbeatable experiences.

Explore the hidden treasures Experience your local lifestyle, and learn about the customs of your country and beliefs particularly as you may not have any experience. You will also go to places that you wouldn’t likely visit on your own, or be able to navigate your way around on your own. Your guide will ensure that you get the most enjoyable and authentic trip you can get.

Dubai is a fantastic city, but it’s also quite touristy and sometimes overwhelming with all the glamour and glamour, however thanks to our guides, you will be able to explore Dubai in a new manner. You can talk to your personal travel guide prior to when you arrive in the city and they will be able to learn more about your preferences and interests. They will then guide you to the kinds of places you’d like to explore, spots that aren’t listed in any guidebook.

It’s a personal touch, which makes your experience an even more authentic experience. If you’re planning to stay in the region for a while It’s also a good opportunity to get to speed with the local best of the city. An unforgettable experience with Dubai personal travel guides can take you to the top eateries, cafes, shops and other cool and interesting things to do as well as do when you visit Dubai.

2.   Places to Stay in Dubai:

There are plenty of hotel rooms in Dubai and especially in luxurious hotels. For the ideal area, first, consider Dubai as a strip. We continued to drive back and forth, going up as well down the road.

The most central spot and so the busiest area is located around the Dubai walk, which is the venue where Burj Khalifa is located. On the other side is the Dubai Marina with Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab just a few meters away. On the opposite side of this “strip” lies the Dubai airport as well as Old Dubai with the souks. On the entire stretch, there is Jumeirah Beach filled with beach hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Based on your preferences it is possible to be nearer to these iconic sites.

Travel guides will help you choose the best place to stay for your comfort as they know the place very well which is a good advantage for tourists. They will make sure you get the best hotel of your choice without any delay.

3.   Transportation in Dubai:

As with any other major city or tourist spot, there are plenty and a lot of people in Dubai. It is also a time of peak-hour congestion. Be aware that the working week in Dubai runs from Monday to Thursday. The weekend days are Saturday and Friday. This impacts the amount or duration of time that taxis and cars take to get from one place from one location to another. It is also less busy on weekends.

To get the most value, you should take regular taxi cabs instead of the expensive Lexus taxis. Make sure the taxi has a meter inside the taxi, and inquire about what the cost will be for a trip from one place in one place to the other. Dubai is a well-maintained and user-friendly Metro system. During the week, and during peak hours, this could be the best option depending on the amount of traffic.

Another method to explore Dubai There are two options that are available. Both are situated in the Dubai mall, which is available for pickup and offers different routes that will connect you to the main locations. Due to traffic jams on Thursdays, we weren’t able to explore as much as we would like on the bus. If you choose to go this route, begin at a reasonable hour in the morning. Take it on a weekend or purchase a multi-day ticket. 

If you’re going to leave the city the cars can be rented at around 70 AED per hour or more depending on your trip. It is recommended to rent one when you’re leaving the city. Otherwise, make use of public transportation to travel around. 

If you have travel guides with you then transportation will become easy in Dubai. It might become tough for tourists to travel to places as they don’t have any knowledge about where to travel as it will waste lots of time. The big advantage of having a travel guide is that they know about transportation very well & the places they will be travelling which will save time for tourists as they can travel without any hindrance & fear of going to the wrong place.

4.   Places to Visit in Dubai:

The tallest structure on earth is Burj Khalifa. It’s 829.8 meters in the city centre of Dubai. It’s so tall that people living above the 80th level should wait for 2 minutes, and since the setting sun is visible from the floors above. Every night, it is home to a fountain show that is situated just in front of the Dubai Mall at the base of the Burj. We’ve seen the fountain show many times and have found it to be quite unique. Expect huge crowds there.

Malls are popular in Dubai. In between malls like the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, there’s an abundance of incredible activities to enjoy and experience. There’s luxurious shopping, a nightly show with fountains, an aquarium in The Dubai Mall and even indoor skiing at the Mall of the Emirates. You could also go to the world’s largest themed mall, which is Ibn Battuta Mall. 

This is Dubai in the way it was too. The markets (like that famous market for gold) fill the streets. Small stores line the street and it is possible to get lost in a maze of streets. You can take a boat ride over Dubai Creek towards Deira and then wander through the streets, visit areas of art, or take in Dubai in a different light from the bustle of malls and towers. 

On the palm tree-shaped, man-made island that is home to a vast shopping mall as well as at the Atlantis hotel, the Aquaventure waterpark, and numerous elegant bars, restaurants and clubs. It’s stunning to stroll around and explore throughout the daytime.

There are many more places to visit in Dubai but travel guides will help you to explore more places with ease which will make your visit more attractive. Tourists can take good advantage of travel guides knowledge about places which are beautiful & good for enjoyment. This will enhance the travel experience of tourists & make it more precious.

There are many things to plan before visiting Dubai, it is important for tourists to know which places are best to visit without any disturbance. That is where travel guides will help to start from staying at a good hotel, good places to eat & visiting good places for adventure. Travel guides are beneficial to help you also about the rules of Dubai & how to interact with local people without any problems.

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