“Expensive resorts, tall buildings, and exotic foods- Is Dubai just a land of milk and honey?”

The city of luxuries and dreams, Dubai is a famous spot for travelers from all the corners of the world. Dubai is an example of modernization well-collaborated with heritage and culture. It is true Dubai is embellished with exorbitant hotels and resorts that will cost you a fortune.

However, that’s just one side of the story. This city also has countless budget-friendly hotels and facilities that will let you enjoy your visit to the fullest without spending too much money. 

Want to visit Dubai without spending recklessly? Finding ways to visit Dubai on a budget? Wanna travel without burning a hole in your pocket? If you have answered yes to all these questions, then this blog is meant just for you. We have rounded up some amazing tips that will take you by surprise how affordable your Dubai tour can be!

Let’s unveil some tips for cost-effective yet best visit Dubai.

1. Start with booking inexpensive plane tickets

This is no news, booking tickets a few months in advance saves money. Dubai is a popular tourist destination visited by travelers all around the year. So, airlines keep on offering discounts and coupons, keep an eye on all the offers. Plus, airfare also depends on the time of year you are visiting this city. In the summertime, air tickets are likely to be inexpensive. How about soaking yourself in the warm sun while enjoying the serene of Dubai Beaches this summer?

2. Plan a good itinerary in advance!

No doubt sightseeing tours with a tour guide is easy-peasy as everything is on the platter for you. All you have to do is show up and your guide will take you to the best destinations and assist you everywhere. But you should know that you will not get the real fun of traveling this way and it is way too expensive to hire a travel guide. You can easily travel through Dubai Metro and reach your favorite destinations just like that! Be it Burj Khalifa, Al Fahidi Historic District, or the Gold Souq, you can reach all these destinations simply by train. You can also get the best of Dubai by walking the sidewalks while enjoying the beautiful seaside, amazing cityscapes, gardens and vistas. Make a list of all the places you want to visit and plan your entire trip accordingly.

Look for an affordable hotel that’s close to Dubai Metro.

Just like any other megapolis, the hotels in Dubai’s downtown are expensive. If you want to stay on a budget then hotels close to Burj Khalifa will definitely be off-limit. But you should definitely go to places that are close to the Dubai metro. It will not only make your trips affordable but also more convenient. Do your research beforehand and lay hands on some affordable deals. Sometimes, prices drop in just one night, so if you are looking for cheap, you should be ready to get your hands in the mud and start looking for it! Plus, Dubai is comparatively cheaper during the holy month of Ramadan and summertime. So, if you plan your visit accordingly, you can save lots of your bucks.

3. Don’t flow your money on food.

When you are buying food in Dubai, you need to consider two things- what do you want to eat and where you want to have it. So, if you are looking for Japanese, European, and American cuisine then be ready to pay the price for it. On the other hand, Indian and Arabic food is available at low prices as well. Plus, different areas of Dubai charge different prices. If you are looking for low-cost food then Deira and Bur Dubai are your top seed!

4. Shop from local markets!

If you want to shop for yourself or buy small souvenirs for your loved ones then local markets are your best bet. Do not shop from high-end malls as it will cost you a lot, stay a bit lowkey and find the best deals from local shops. 

5. Travel smart!

You have no idea how much money will go to waste if you travel by taxis. You should get an RTA NOL card and enjoy the facilities of the Dubai Metro. It is a smart way to travel and save your time and money!

 All in all, we can say that Dubai is expensive for those who are looking for luxury but the city has options for mediocre budgeted people as well. All you need is smart pre-tour planning and you will be good to go!

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