In 2019, architects from all over the world contributed their bit to revolutionize architectural trends. From reviving old school architectural trends to reinventing new ones, the previous year did not fail to bamboozle us. This year too, architects have come up with some more innovative and breathtaking designs. So, it’s time to say adios to your old gardens, homes, and offices and look out for the 2020 trends.

In the next five minutes, we will be sharing some of the easy peasy yet ingenious trends that 2020 will witness. 

Let’s begin!

Reinvent your gardens and landscapes!

With the go-green slogan spread out across the globe, people are now bringing the best of the landscape trends in 2020. This year is all about planting new trees, growing more greens, and making a change.

Landscaping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it requires sheer patience, skills, and definitely ample knowledge. It is art! Though garden Design Dubai trends don’t change that often, however, a little tweak here and there can bring out a lot of change. Your garden and outpaces become the first impression of your home. So, it definitely has to stand out. We will share some latest landscaping trends that will give your outdoor much-needed renovation!

1. Vertical Gardens.

Landscaping knows no bounds if you know how to do it right! One of the most spectacular garden landscaping Dubai wave which is going to boom in 2020 is the vertical gardens. Is your garden small? Are you living in a small apartment? Need to add more greens to your garden? A simple solution for all these problems is to go for vertical gardening. It can not only control air pollution but will keep off extra noise at bay. 

2.Geometric hardscaping

The traditional home decor patterns have found their way into landscaping and have given birth to something new and refreshing called hardscaping. People are more enthusiastic to include geometric shapes like lattices, waves, chevrons into their regular landscape. You can even modify your driveways, retaining walls, and patios using the same concept. 

3.Perfect Lighting.

Everything becomes more elegant if the lighting is proper. And in 2020, architects have seemed to create some amazing garden lighting Dubai trends with these simple lights. You can use Linear, sleek, and bollard lights for illuminating yards and pathways and create magic!

4. Sculpt it blue!

What will complement your beautiful green garden better than the refreshing shade of blue? I know, right! You can add a blue sculpture or add water features to make your landscape even better. Add blue flowers such as hydrangeas, delphiniums, and grape hyacinths to add to the aesthetics of your garden.

5.Barbecues, anyone?

Your Sunday brunch is incomplete without barbecues, ain’t it?. How about bringing one into your outdoor area? It will be one of the hottest and exciting additions to your home and make your home a hotspot for Eids and parties! It is time to flaunt your bbq skills while beautifying your outdoors.

 A Sneak Peek into new Architectural trends!

Emerging as one of the most advanced cities in the past 50 years, the architecture of Dubai speaks for itself. The architects here have not only built some of the world’s masterpieces but have set up trends for the rest of the world to follow. Speaking of trends, some of the architectural trends that 2020 has brought along with it are:

1. Sustainability is the new trend!

Dubai has to be accredited from bringing something out of the box into the world! Creating a world record with designing the first 3-D printed house Dubai has created a trend that will never decline. Saving tonnes of raw material and loads of money, 3d printed infrastructure has brought a revolution in the world of architecture.

2. Reinvent and reform.

Intending to reduce environmental pollution, Dubai is bringing the concept of reinventing and refurbishing the already existing spaces. Isn’t that cool? It will be useful in reversing the climate damage and help in refurbishing old and abandoned buildings as well. With a plan of creating decarbonized buildings by the year 2050, it is definitely a good start!

3. Monochrome is back!

Designers are playing with Monochromes like crazy! Neutral colors and achromatic like gainsboro grey are becoming the new thing. Paint your living room, office space, or even kitchens with monochromes and see your home transform!

4.Smart Homes.

Automation has changed the face of the earth and architects can’t remain untouched by this blessing. In 2020, smart homes will be more common. It will not only make our life easier but save energy and resources as well.

5. Jazz it up!

A few elements of an industrial design may make a comeback in 2020. Mixed metals, recycled steel, matte brass, matte steel, and copper will be used extensively. Not that just, local materials and local construction techniques will be embraced so as to promote more affordable and sustainable projects.

Architecture, interior designing, and landscaping are subject to change every year. It is up to you how innovatively you will append the latest trends in your home and bring out something new!

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