Dubai- the land of opportunities is synonymous with prosperity. From decades people have been visiting Dubai to fulfill their dreams. Gone are the days when oil was the only successful business in Dubai. This great city started as a land of shepherds is now called the Manhattan of the Middle East. It is a hotspot for seasoned and young entrepreneurs.

Are you a young entrepreneur looking for startup ideas in Dubai? Do you want financial stability? Prepared to establish a sure-shot business in Dubai? If you are resonating with these questions, then this is the right place to seek answers to all your queries.

We have triaged some successful business prospects and come up with some Startup Ideas in Dubai 2020. 

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1. Tourism is on fleek!

Dubai has been the hub for tourism for quite a while now. Hundreds and thousands of events happen here every year. Be it as a venue for globetrotters, bedazzled gold markets, award ceremonies of Bollywood, Dubai is the top priority for every event. Not just that, Dubai is full of tourists from all round the world. And a travel agency would be a perfect way to make some bucks. Managing hotel bookings, tickets, tour guides, etc.

2. Good food makes good money!

Be it any part of the world, restaurants, and cafes have always been top-grossing ventures. You can start up your cafe or bakery with some authentic cuisines and see how your business flourishes. Don’t forget to hire a good chef, because it can make or break your game. Good ambiance, great food, perfect service and you are ready to launch to the new heights of success.

3. Nothing better than fresh Flowers!

Whether it is your anniversary, the birthday of a loved one or Valentine’s Day, gifting flowers is the best thing to do. Honestly, gifting flowers needs no special occasion! You can start a flower delivery service. Don’t just limit to flowers, add chocolates, or some customized gifts. It can be a great service with a little touch of innovation.

4. Stay ahead of the curve!

Digitizing is the new megatrend. Its wave has reached every corner of the world and Dubai is no different. Small businesses, multinational companies, huge ventures are revolutionizing their business strategies to match up the market standards. How about providing e-commercial services? You can set up digital marketing services, web development, content creation, etc. It is a pool of business opportunities, pick the one that suits you the most.

5. Self-love can’t be ignored!

We all are so busy running in the race of life that we forget we are only humans after all. We need care, rest, and loads of self-love. How about making this idea the centerpiece of your business? Open up a gym, spa, or yoga center. People are into this kind of stuff. Because if we don’t pamper ourselves, who will?

6. Beauty and Business hand-in-hand!

Dubai is the heaven of fashion. Be it makeup, skin-care, implants, hair extensions- the city is up-to-date. And this arena cannot be ignored by entrepreneurs. People want quality stuff to be home delivered to them. No one is up for the hassle to go out and buy things. You can start an online service for makeup, perfumes, and skincare products. Make tutorials for applying the HudaBeauty palettes in new ways, review Kylie’s lipsticks, swatch Anastasia’s foundation, try out some local brands and see people flocking to your business.

7. Nannies are the nation’s hidden saviors.

Managing kids, looking after your child’s needs can be difficult when both the parents are working. So, instead of sending them to grandparent’s home people, now prefer daycare centers or home-based caretakers. You can start a service of a daycare center where children can learn while playing. And send out personalized baby-sitters for ones demanding in-house services. Wouldn’t that be great?

8. Home-cooked food is a luxury in itself.

The majority of people work for 8 hours a day. And it is hard to cook food after coming from a long day at work. Food chains are of great help but for how long can a person eat fast foods? So, you can end all this misery by starting a home-cooked food service.

9. Bring Salon to home!

We are always looking for windows of relaxation and ease. And when it comes to beauty and fashion, people are ready to go to any lengths for it. So, how about starting a home-based service that caters to all the beauty needs? Starting from hair to nails and makeup. It will definitely be a hit as people are always looking for grooming options.

 10. Repairing is a must!

Our life is incomplete without mobiles, laptops, and tablets. And all these gadgets need repair once in a while. It will be a profitable business if you start repair services. However, it will require a proper technical hand and machinery.

The list of ideas can go on and on. The sole thing that will make your business a success is how well you do it. And don’t worry about the legalities regarding setting up a business in Dubai. There are many business setup consultants in Dubai that can help you with that. A good business is an amalgam of world-class services, helpful customer care, and amazing marketing. You can promote your business by availing the services of Insights Marketing Company and rocket-start your new venture.

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