“Everything in excess is opposed to nature.” –


Craving success, much like craving couch-potato lifestyle or fatty foods can lead to various problems. Have you got the right balance?

People sometimes wish for things that aren’t in the best interest. Like, skipping a workout, eating one more popsicle, or stuffing a supersized pizza that looks appealing but is terrible for our lives in the long run. Although many of us are successful in figuring out the connection between our short-term desires and their outcomes when it comes to physical temptations. However, have we ever thought of our tangible cravings for status and success?

Think about it. We are so busy in our pursuits of success that we have forgotten the real meaning of life. Can too much ambition make us unhappy? Is being too much into a career-making us all hollow from inside?

As said by Frank Tyger “Ambition is the enthusiasm with a purpose.” Ambition drives us. It entails a balance between perspective and perseverance, hunger and humility. But how to decide the fine line between ambition and over-ambition? How to know if our ambitions are souring us up? How to detect if we have ambition addiction? 

Struggling with these questions?

We have summed up 10 clear cut signs that indicate you are being too ambitious.

Let’s begin.

1. Palatial dreams of never-ending glory.

Overambitious people are always fantasizing about larger than life situations, dreamy worlds with happy endings. And they look forward to achieving these dreams. They seek a better tomorrow free from fear and heartache.

2. Scorn the present and live in the future.

One of the biggest signs of being an ambition addict is to think of a better future all the time. Such people never think about their present. But consider the present day as a waiting room for a better tomorrow. They are always looking for opportunities to fly away and escape from their present. This means over-ambitious people are never satisfied with their success, no matter how good they are at that moment.

3. Focusing on goals all the time.

Overambitious people are always looking forward to the outcome of an activity. Be it a task, professional life or a relationship. They are more into the result of any activity than living in the journey to reach that goal.

4. Manic pace.

Given an opportunity to choose between fast-and-furious and an easy choice, ambition addicts will always go for fast-and-furious. They are always in a rush, life is a race for them and they have a constant trench to make the most out of it. They are always busy, hasty, and you can even tag them as impatient.

5. Anxiety and panic.

It sounds a bit ironic but over-ambitious people suffer from high levels of vulnerability and insecurity. Do you know what’s that one thing ambition addicts always keep fighting within? Anxiety. Being over-ambitious can make a person anxiety-ridden.

6. Severity and depression.

Ambitious people are perfectionists mostly. They set success boundaries for themselves and adhere to them until they succeed. And all this affects their mind and soul. A victory can make them happy but at the same time, a descent can lead to gloom and doom. Thus, they fail to live in the moment. 

7. Entitlement and jealousy.

“When admiring other people’s gardens, don’t forget to tend to your own flowers.”

Sanober Khan

Ambition addicts have their agendas and they don’t shy from speaking about it. They are always in a competitive spirit. And when the competition is high, they can often become jealous. They compare their success with others and fight a battle within themselves. They are consumed by jealousy to such an extent that they forget the gains they have made.

8. Distaste being stuck.

Ambition mongers are always looking for moments to move forward. They avoid situations and people that bound them. They need momentum and keep away from sedate and staid situations in life.

9. Difficulty in enjoying simple pleasures.

It is hard to be relaxed and ambitious at the same time. It can be hard for ambition addicts to enjoy simpler things in life. They are always busy in their head, filling themselves with dread. Instead of relaxing they will look for quantifiable hobbies or competitive activities to fill up their time.

10. Calculating the opinions of others.

This one may be consuming a good person in you! Success seekers like to indulge with people who can benefit them in climbing the ladder to success. They prefer acquaintances and interactions with people who deem their way to success.

What to do if your ambition is working against you?

By now, you must have identified if you are too ambitious. Isn’t it better to keep the excessive urge to succeed in check before it jeopardizes your relationships?

Don’t worry, you can control your ambition issues by following these simple tips:

“Tomorrow is tomorrow.

Future cares have future cures,

And we must mind today.”

Sophocles, Antigone

Step 1: It is not a race.

Relax, start your day with a deep breath. Take one task at a time. Maintain a measured tempo, you can do this. All you need is a well planned day today. Stop thinking about tomorrow, start living in today.

Step 2: Enjoy.

Recall the time when an ice-cream cone made you happy? Don’t you long for those simpler moments in life? Nothing has changed now. Try to derive pleasure from small things. Go for a walk, eat chocolates, go for that ever-snoozed trip. It is time to celebrate yourself and let some fresh air in your life.

“Don’t forget to appreciate yourself.”

Debasish Mridha

Step 3: Give thanks.

Always be thankful. Enjoy the gifts of nature and thank you for all the things that you take for granted. And most importantly, appreciate what you have.

Step 4: Donate time.

Have you forgotten your family in this rush to succeed? Then it is time to shower them with love. Make efforts, sit with your family, call your friends. Take care of your relationships because at the end it is all that matters. 

Step 5: Dream anew.

Dreaming of a better tomorrow is not an offense. But, how about considering better health? Don’t slack on your health. Create goals that are beyond material life. Sometimes, it’s the heart, mind, and soul that need more care. 

“Respect, Love, and Value yourself. Always remember to be good to yourself by taking care of yourself. Make yourself a priority and know that it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for loving yourself, first! You’re just as important as anybody else.”

Stephanie Lahart

Summing it up.

Allow the fire of ambition to blaze until it does not risk you and the people around you. Life is not always about competition. Slow down, give thanks, and enjoy. Reach for stars, but don’t forget your roots in the process.

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