“Good news for the parents in Dubai as no contract needs to be signed unnecessarily”

This goes with the fact that policies of KHDA ones again proves to be systematic and well planned. So here comes the good announcement as no parent-School contract needs to be signed every now and then.

The parent-school contracts are obligatory for all students in Dubai’s private schools because the contract contour’s the rights and responsibilities of schools and families.

Amal Belhasa, CEO of knowledge and human development policy at the KHDA, said: the Parent- School contract will be automatically renewed and there is no need to sign it at the beginning of each school.

There are many advantages to this policy. Some of them are listed below:
1)No optional fees:
Schools will no longer list optional fees as part of the contract as all optional fees will have to be mutually agreed between both parties separately.

2) No long procedures to be followed anymore:
The existing Parent- School contract will remain valid until your children are enrolled in that particular school. It will add to the convenience of not only parents but to the school as well. This policy from KHDA will be applicable from this academic year only.

3)Digital Signatures Enabled:
Parents can also sign the contract digitally without visiting their child’s school – unless a student is enrolling in a school for the first time.

4)Parents will be updated:
Parents will receive any updates in the original contract. This will be adding more benefit to the parents. Also, they will be able to inquire with the school before the contract automatically renews.

5)Reference for dispute resolution:
The decision to automatically renew contracts has been found to help both parents and schools and comes after the KHDA says it has seen a significant decrease in disputes between parents and schools.

6)New contract issuance:
A new contract will be issued only if the students move to the new school. Otherwise, old contact will be good to go without any hassle.


The Parent- School contract In Dubai includes:
Educational programs
Attendance and punctuality
Safety and,

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