Are you looking forward to jump-starting your career in Dubai?

Planning to sell the best of your services in this land of opportunities?

Well, you are about to make one of the best decisions of your life, not just you, millions of people aspire to be a part of Dubai’s fast-moving corporate life. Be it engineering, healthcare, IT, SEO/SEM marketing, insurance, petroleum, and gas, or architecture, Dubai has no dearth in any of these domains! But as much as there are opportunities, so are the seekers.

So, how to stand out amongst thousands of people?

How to look for a job in Dubai? Where to start? Finding the perfect job for you may not be the easiest task, but with the right guidance, you can land on the perfect opportunity that fits your skillset. 

So, we have compiled a complete guide that will help you to find a job in Dubai. Ready to dive in?

Before we tell you what to do, you should be aware of what not to do. So, let’s begin with the worst mistakes to avoid when looking for your dream job in Dubai.

Common Mistakes that jeopardize job hunt!

1. Remote may not always be an option!

Gone are the days when you would send your CV and confirm your job while sitting at home. Well, that’s an option even now but if you want to get picked up then there’s nothing better than face-to-face interaction. The recruiters have tonnes of mails inline and priority is given to people that reside in UAE. So, if you want to maximize your probability of being selected then it’s better to come to Dubai and then start your job hunt.

2. It’s the timing!

Visiting Dubai during the time of Ramadan, Edil-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Christmas, and New Year is an utterly bad decision when looking for a job. The hirings process remains inactive during these festivities. Hence, it is better to visit Dubai for another bunch of months for an effective job search.

3. Unfocused Resumes

If you are applying for a job in 2020, then don’t send that old resume that you have been forwarding for years now. It is not enough to just add new things to your resume, research a bit, look up the latest format, and make a new resume. You might be the best candidate for the role, but if your CV is not up to the mark, then you don’t stand a chance.

4. Applying online only

It is by far one of the most common mistakes made by job seekers. They send a CV online and wait for a call. These recruiters are flooded with CVs, so it is better to hand in your resume in person as well. Your HR is more likely to remember you.

5. Underestimating Social Media

Never undermine the power of social media. You will meet most of your employers on LinkedIn or Facebook. So, quick advice is to keep your social media up to date.

6. Lack Of Preparation

Your interview is the first window to make a mark for yourself. Most deserving people lose opportunities because they lack good interview skills. So, never go to an impromptu interview, prepare beforehand and most importantly, be confident. 

7. Applying For The Wrong role

Another major reason for not getting a job is applying for an irrelevant position. Never get allured by packages or incentives. Your first priority should be the role, for instance, if you are an engineer don’t apply for a sales job. Because you will pay the brunt when you are right there, in front of the interviewer wondering when this session will end!

8. No Job Reference

To this date, many companies in Dubai don’t post their jobs in the newspaper or online. They pick up people through a reference. So, it is important to maintain good PR. 

9. Trusting Recruitment Agencies

You are your best well-wisher, remember that. So, trusting recruitment agencies is not a very good decision. May work for some of you but in most cases, agents make false promises, take your money, and boom, they abscond- just like that! Even if you are consulting an agent, remember to check their license and other legal documents that can be verified later.

Now, let’s move on to the dos of getting a job in Dubai.

1. Starting with the basics-Get your documents right!

Some of the mandatory documents to improve your chances of getting hired in Dubai are:

  1. ID card
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Passport with validity more than six months
  4. Proper academic degree

Some other documents besides academic background, qualification, and experience that you will need in your job search are:

a. Certificate of Good Conduct

As per the Ministerial Resolution 8/1 of the Year 2017, domestic and foreign workers need to obtain a certificate of good conduct in order to apply for jobs. It proves that the subject has not been involved in any crimes. However, it has been removed from 1 April 2018 till further notice.


It is imperative for job seekers to get a medical test done by government-approved healthcare centers. All candidates must test negative for any transferable disease.

Some useful tips to get a job in Dubai

1. Know the right market

The Emirati financial market has its ups and downs but some of the sectors that are more likely to flourish are:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Telecomm
  • Tourism
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Marketing

So, finding relevant jobs in these fields is going to catapult your career.

2. Aim for a long shot

You can apply for jobs at famous companies like THE One, media giant Omnicom, Hilti Emirates, Splash, Estee Lauder and, IT specialists EMC², Hilton Worldwide, Weber Shandwick Professional services, and FedEx. Also, even if you are not applying for these companies, make sure you research a company thoroughly before going for it. Never trust a company that won’t have its domain name. And if they are asking for money, then it is better to stay away from any such companies as it may be involved in fraudulent activities.

3. Register on job sites

If you want to get noticed fast, then sign up on online job sites. You will get daily pop-ups and updates on various roles.

4. Ensure to Follow up

Have heard of that saying, out of sight, out of mind? That’s true for finding jobs as well. So, if it is advised to send a follow-up email to the employer after an interview. 

Hopefully, this article will make your job hunt a bit easier. All the best!

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