Is LinkedIn your main focus in 2019 for your digital marketing efforts?

For those of who are looking to get more out of this professional platform, this blog is definitely going to help businesses in Dubai get the results.

As social media marketing is gaining dominance, many B2B marketers are worried about generating leads on social media. Also, with the recent algorithm changes on Facebook and Twitter, it continues to limit the reach of posts from brands.

But one shouldn’t worry as the marketers know that following good marketing techniques on LinkedIn is a goldmine for generating leads and driving traffic to the websites.

LinkedIn now drives over half of all social traffic to B2B blogs and websites. Source: Foundation

Continue reading to know about the marketing strategies you need to follow in 2019 for LinkedIn…

1. Update your profile-

Updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time (preferably every year) is a good habit. Your profile appears differently to different people. How you show up on your profile really matters as your clients, colleagues, etc. are looking which in turn means more opportunities for you. The areas you must focus on are-

  • Update your professional photo.
  • Create a custom image for the top of your profile.
  • Review your headline.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Review your summary.
2. Use $1.80 Strategy for LinkedIn-

This $1.80 Strategy for Instagram is something that we can use for LinkedIn as well.

This strategy is simple- find the top performing posts in your space by searching relevant hashtags or look at the top posts in your area and then add your “two cents” in the comments. The comments should be meaningful and relevant.

Do this 90 times a day, and you’ll have your community and a personal brand. Voila!

Now the same strategy can be applied on LinkedIn as well.

There are different ways by which you can find the trending posts…

Go to the “What People Are Talking About Now” section and you can find the top trending topics. When you click on them, you’ll see posts from different people who have/are adding their two cents to a particular topic in the form of status. You can share your articles that you may find interesting.

3. Post Native Articles on LinkedIn-

The $1.80 strategy is all about engagement. One way of doing it was to post thoughtful comments on popular posts. The other way to do it is actually producing content- either in the videos, audios or written format.

Now producing content entirely depends on your niche, market and ambition. For example, if you are a travel company, you might be posting beautiful travel pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. But on a professional network like LinkedIn, the best and correct way to do is by writing an article about something like, how to start a successful travel blog.

4. Clean Up Your Network Connections-

LinkedIn (algorithm) decides which of your connections will be seeing your content. It means that people you want to influence with your posts should be seeing your content rather than the wrong ones. That’s why it worth a little effort to disconnect the connections you don’t know or haven’t communicated with.

Having more people isn’t better if you never communicate with them.

5. Gain More Exposure by Posting More Frequently-

LinkedIn algorithm decides whether or not your content will be shown up in the feed and how far an audience it will reach. For getting highest views, your posting should follow below-mentioned styles-

  • Text-only posts- Up to 1300 characters available on a personal post.
  • Text and image- Add an image only if it actually adds a value to your post.
  • Video posts- Keep it under 1 minute and only talk about one topic.
  • Text with a link off the site- Like any other social networking website, LinkedIn also wants to keep you on their site as long as possible, so they give less favor to outbound links.


There is still a way of using links- Before sharing any link, write what it is about and why people should read it and clearly mention that the link to the article is mentioned in the comments (After publishing the post, go back and add it to the comments).

As LinkedIn remains #1 social platform for professionals and the ones who want to do business, you cannot afford not to manage your LinkedIn profile. Follow this guide and you will definitely get positive results. If you want to share more tips, kindly mention them in the comments below!

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