Planning to sell your business in Dubai, UAE

Selling a business in Dubai, UAE is largely about setting realistic expectations, avoiding surprises and just plain hanging in there. The journey can be arduous having emotional repercussion & can be rewarding provided you act in a way you should.

You only sell your business once, make sure to go through these guidelines before saying yes to buyer:

Step 1: Ask yourself – are you ready to sell your business in Dubai, UAE?

Before making the decision to sell your business in Dubai, make sure you are ready both financially and emotionally. Many business owners suffer real remorse after handing over their business to a new owner, so be sure before selling your business.

Step 2: Determine your Business worth:

Before you sell your business, determine how much its worth is. There are different methods to determine it. Keep in mind if you price your business too high, you’ll scare off potential buyers and if you price is too low, you have to leave money on the table. So set a price which matches worth of your business.

Step 3: Clear-out your minor business financials

A prospective buyer in today’s soft market demands transparency. When an owner decides to sell business he can avoid red flags by presenting clean financial statement. So ensure to clear your minor business financials before selling your business in Dubai.

Step 4: Boost your sales:

“If your sales are declining, it is not right time to sell your business.” Buyers always want to see a business with some upside. Use techniques to boost and uplift your sales graph, so that you will get the best buyer in the Industry.

Step 5: Spread the Word:

Most of your savvy buyers use the internet to research available business for sale. Spread the word by tying up with websites and sites which are specialized in selling the business and spread your word through the internet.

Step 6: Find a business agent in Dubai:

Dubai is the best place to put your business for sale. You can find best agents in Dubai, who will help you in finding the perfect buyer for your business. You can consult us about finding the best buyer for you in the entire industry.

Step 7: Make sure your potential buyers are qualified:

Make sure you are pitching your business to potential buyers, as there is no bigger waste of time than working with a buyer who will not be able to complete a transaction.

 Step 8: Negotiate Your Deal:

After following above steps and when you find your qualified buyer, provide him with a selling memorandum and have an initial meeting with him in which you can negotiate your deal.

By following the above guidelines we hope a perfect buyer will get the perfect seller. Good luck from our team…


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