The idea of leaving a stable job and all of its security to chase one’s passion isn’t something many people would entertain. However,  researchers suggest that entrepreneurs who kept their day jobs while starting a business were 33% less likely to fail. In other words, it’s better off keeping your day job than bidding it a farewell.

The guaranteed potential outcome from starting a business in Dubai is certainly uncertain. Thus, to stay on secure ground, it’s preferable to keep the job whilst kickstarting a business of your own. Did you know that even Apple was born after the 9-5 finish?

Starting up a business in Dubai can be overwhelming. There are plenty of opportunities this vibrant city offers, provoking working class to invest their time and money towards building their own dream company.

So, if you are fascinated by the mere thought of exploring Dubai’s world of startups, here are the ways for keeping your full-time job while pursuing your business interests.

         1. Outline your goals

Getting a firm grip on your goals is important to determine what you will need to invest in your business in terms of time and money. If you face trouble deciding your goals and objectives, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I really want a side hustle to be a  full-time career or it’s something I’d rather keep as a passion project?
  2. How long would I continue working before I get enough money to say goodbye to the 9- 5 shift?
  3. What kind of business I want to be in, and why?  Is it about turning my hobby into a core business or just want to pad my savings by creating additional income sources or am I just excited to try if my passion is a viable business?

        2. Don’t mess with the employer

Apart from clearing a path forward and getting all legal formalities out of the way, avoid creating any conflict with your employer. Instead, if need be, consider a collaboration with your current employer to make your transition to full-time entrepreneurship much smoother.

       3. Make time for it

There is nothing like an ideal time of uninterrupted long hours to devote yourself to a side business especially when you’re bound with a desk job. This likely means scratching your little leftover time that barely makes a dent in your day but adds up over weeks and months.

Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself in terms of setting deadlines. It’s ok to miss deadlines for the fact that starting a side business is a pressure-free playing field that should not be restrictive but more of experimenting.

      4. Create a business plan and take up the action

Have a detailed business model that is elaborated and fills all the squares. Thorough research has never has harmed any business. Pick up your project and plan how and what your business is going to be run. This will help you in figuring out potential problems in your plan before you start running with it. Be more professional and allow yourself to lay out a clear path for your business. Once you’ve your business plan in order, take action and start small.

5. Make it fun

Working on a side business can be a lot of fun if you allow yourself to think simple, be relaxed with imperfections and not take it too seriously. In the first place, it is important to love doing what you do.

“You love doing something, you spend time on it because you really want it”

This motivates you and keeps you pushing forward.

The biggest challenge a person may encounter is incoherency. That may drown your current job and your business gig with it. Be consistent with whatever you plan to do. Constant success requires consistent efforts. Don’t give up on a business model just because of the difficulties attached to it. Keep the current job as long as your business is all set to a good start, and leave it on good terms.

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