Dubai is the land of opportunities. It ranks 31 worldwide on the ease of doing business report. There is no doubt that Dubai comes at the top when it comes to offering endless business, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in Dubai

As Dubai is on exponential economic growth, people across the globe are looking for sectors in Dubai that offer maximum profit and less investment. The list of high ROI business sectors is really long but here we have outlined only top ones. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Real Estate.

Real estate industry is one of the most established industries in Dubai. It offers opportunities in housing, industrial, aviation and hospitality construction sectors. With thousands of projects in pipeline, this sector is on a growth trajectory and this is the high time to invest in real estate sector.

Real estate offers high ROI opportunities for engineers, architects, real estate agents, development firms and anybody interested in construction business. As the population of Dubai keeps growing due to pouring in of expats, the need of infrastructure and developmental projects rises. Real estate sector is on the top of the list.

2. Travel and Tourism

From last many years, Dubai has been shifting its strategies from oil and gas and is focusing on development of travel and tourism sector.

Dubai is the 6th most visited place on earth and nearly 16 million people visited Dubai in year 2018! These numbers indicate why travel and tourism sector is booming in Dubai. This sector offers opportunities in terms of hotels, travel agencies, tourism packages and much more.

Like other industries, Tourism sector is growing and it is best to invest in this sector. This can generate you fortunes!

3. Marketing

As businesses in Dubai continue to grow at a rapid rate, the need for marketing services increase at the greater rate. As the world brands are targeting Dubai audience more and more, they need skilled agencies and people to handle their marketing campaigns.

Marketing offers rich opportunities in varied fields such as digital marketing, Multimedia marketing and other traditional forms of marketing.

This is high time to invest in this sector if you have been considering it for a while.

4. Oil and Gas

Dubai has economically relied on oil and gas since its discovery. This sector continues to offer great business opportunities and returns are above the roof, literally!  UAE is the 7th largest petroleum producer in the world and it employs thousands of people in this sector.

There are various processes involved in this sector such as exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, distribution and marketing. Each process offers unique business opportunities. You can invest in extraction or distribution or any other process.

5. Education

Education is one of the leading sectors in Dubai. Ever year new universities, colleges, schools, and training institutes are established. Besides, educational supplies is also promising field.

If you have been in educational sector for a while then it is worthwhile to consider Dubai market. You can set up university, school; training institute or you can even consider educational supplies and distributions.

6. Recruitment

Dubai employs thousands of people in various sectors and demand for skilled workforce is growing. Recruitment sector also offers great business opportunities in Dubai. As Dubai is taking on more and more projects, it needs skilled people and consequently needs genuine recruitment agencies.

Dubai based firms regularly turn to recruitment agencies for human resource needs. If you have been thinking about it then go for it.

Final Thoughts

High ROI business opportunities in Dubai are so vast that you will likely find the sector that meets your area of expertise. If you have any other promising sector in mind then do let us know in the comments section down below.

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