“Gold, luxurious, and supercars!” Is it the same for all expats?

What is the idea of Dubai to you? Is it a city or a country? Towering skyscrapers, Flashing lightning, bustling malls is how we see Dubai from afar?

But, How’s life in this desert beauty?

This thriving cosmopolitan has become a hub for expats to move here for better job opportunities and lifestyle. However, most people come with “larger than life” assumptions and expectations from Dubai. 

We are scratching some of the expectations and have summed up the realities about life in this urban desert.

Let’s dive in deeper.

First, let’s start with the most common question? Why are you moving to Dubai?

Expectations: You’ll enter Dubai and Land a job!

Most people have an idea of Dubai based on their acquaintances who just landed in the city and happened to find a job in just a week. Good for those who were fortunate enough to have experienced this. But, it is true for everyone? 

Reality: Finding a job in Dubai can be a task as is in any other part of the world. But, it’s true, you will be paid really well than in other countries. However, the struggle to find a good job is real!

What are you looking forward to personally?

Dubai desert with camels
Expectations: Dubai has harsh weather.

Yeah, the weather in Dubai is really hot in summers. And temperature can rise above even 50 degrees. You might be thinking, “how do people live there? Do they even step out of their homes?” 

So, in Reality: Dubai, no doubt is a little harsh but the city seems to be quite sorted for summers as well. The wanky infrastructure with best indoor waterparks and theme parks make it easy to live in the dry spell. From December to March, the occasional rains and lower temperature makes the weather quite pleasant. 

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How do you think Dubai differs from your hometown?

Expectations: Dubai is too expensive to live in.

Dubai is known for its extravagant lifestyle, luxury cars, and lavish living. This gives an impression of Dubai being extremely expensive. But, is it the same for every expat? Let’s find out!

Reality: One of the most appealing aspects of Dubai is its affordability. No doubt the rich people in Dubai live a sumptuous life, but Dubai has got its expats covered. It provides so many financial benefits to its expats that other countries wouldn’t even imagine. This is backed up by a survey that shows over 75% of people moving to Dubai had enough disposable income more than they did in their hometown and almost 25% of them were also able to purchase a property as well.

Emiratis having dinner - XploreDubai

Expectations: The locals in Dubai are hostile.

It is a very well-known belief that the local Arabs of Dubai are not hospitable. So, most people have framed a very hostile image of the locals there. 

Reality: This is not at all true! In fact, the Emiratis are the friendliest people you will ever come across. They are respectful and sociable people. They are the easiest people to make small talk with, you will definitely feel loved and welcomed by them. These people make every effort in their hands to make sure foreigners have their best stay.

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What will be the biggest challenge in moving to Dubai?

Expectations: You can’t practice any other religion than Islam.

Dubai itself is an Islamic state. But is the city religiously tolerable? Let’s see.

Reality: Dubai welcomes people from all cultures, faiths, and backgrounds. You can definitely practice any religion of your choice. Moreover, you can find various churches and gurudwaras here. 

Vegetarian food - XploreDubai

Expectations: There are no options for vegetarians.

With the Lamb chops and Kebabs and Emirati cuisine, people usually think vegetarian food is hard to find in Dubai.

Reality: Dubai has become a global city. It homes multiple cultures and cuisines from every corner of the world. So, whether you are a vegetarian or looking for some specific cuisine, you will surely find delicious dining options in Dubai. 

Expectations: Drinking is Prohibited.

It is true to some extent. You cannot be intoxicated, drink or carry alcohol in public as it is a punishable offense across the Emirates. But, there’s more to it, let’s find out.

Reality: Dubai is well-known for its busy weekends and bustling nightlife where alcohol is allowed in specified venues and hotels. Hang on! It does not mean you can walk up to a bar anytime and order an ale! You gotta have a liquor license which can be acquired by expats easily.

Dubai remains to be the most preferred destination for many expats for over years. The government is working day in and day out to better the lives of the locals and expats, who are contributing to the progress of the country for decades.
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