How many of us spend our weekends in maintaining households especially in Dubai where scorching hot climate has already drained you! Home maintenance in Dubai is no doubt a never-ending process but taking some good efforts can keep you from future headaches and wasted money. You know, the later outcome of ignoring home maintenance services can risk your life and also your home’s structural integrity.

Do you want to wait till then? Of course not!

Then what is stopping you? You can get the best property maintenance services in Dubai in just one call!  One call to Home maintenance companies in Dubai can fulfill all your cleaning, repair and installation needs.

However, a home maintenance plan can make a huge difference to perform home maintenance with serenity. Regular checking of your home for maintenance will spot issues early preventing bigger damages.

So here I provide you with the home maintenance checklist and tips you need to work on to enjoy this summer season!

1.Washing Windows

washing windows

Dirty and dusty windows in summer can be depressing with the lack of sunlight entering your home. You need to get your windows sparkling clean inside out. Here’s how?

Home maintenance companies in Dubai with their best cleaning technologies can do miracles for your glass and frames resulting in sparkling windows with no streaks at all.

2. Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Transformation Image

Firstly, you need to survey around outside your house and keenly look for the urgent requirements. These may include cracks in the concrete, cleaning chimneys, signs of leakage, clogged gutters, painting needs and much more.

A lot more to be done! However, home maintenance services in Dubai have the best up-gradation and remodeling ideas to enhance your property to pleasingly present it to the world.

They begin with giving your house a bath to wash all the winter away!  Clean decks and wash out all the garbage to keep your house not only clean to extend its life but your’s too!

3. Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans

Fans are amongst the most looked after appliances especially in summer and need frequent cleaning. Cleaning ceiling fan can be quick and easy but only with the right tools that are equipped by a professional handyman in Dubai.

Handyman Services in Dubai are always fully loaded with right tools to tackle any kind of repair or installation with ease and utmost precision.

So besides cleaning your ceiling fan, home maintenance services can do a lot more with it!

4. Focus On Gardens


What better than preparing barbecues in your garden during summers.To make your garden worth enjoying those barbecues, you need to put some efforts to make it beautiful and clean.

Home maintenance experts in Dubai make it happen!

  • Starting with removing dead plants and weeds that hamper the growth of your plants.
  • Trim away plant overgrowth
  • Mow your lawn
  • Use sprinklers to water plants
  • Use leaf blowers to blow out fallen leaves

5. Grading around your house

Upgrading the starter home

Grading is an important issue because if not rectified your house will build an excessive amount of moisture and additional pressure on the foundation walls.To avoid further risk of incurring water into your basements, identifying grading problems early can save you.

Grading may look complicated but it’s not really! Whenever you find water tends to enter into your foundation walls, you likely have some grading issues.

This can be remedied by adding additional soil. But it’s always recommended to contact a professional handyman who can look for the exact fault and get it corrected.

Keeping your home properly maintained will not only save you on money but also increase the longevity of you and your existing structure. Home maintenance checklist makes sure your home is properly maintained and cared for.

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